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PalmSource and Research in Motion have announced that PalmSource is making the email API that will be released with the first version of the PalmSource Mail client for BlackBerry Connect available to Palm OS developers.
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Security ?

cz1 @ 9/29/2004 2:35:18 AM #
As long as there is no feature to prevent unsolicited private backups and hotsyncs with company PDA's this is only a partial solution. To me (and my boss) it seems less likely that someone is eavesdropping email traffic compared to a employee making private backup of customer databases for "future" use. The same applies to SD cards, as with the correct tools any kind of file may enter or leave the company network.

Nice try, but still my company will not allow Palm's to be used within the network or for email transfer - I still have to carry my Laptop.

RE: Security ?
amike @ 9/29/2004 3:26:15 AM #
A pure connected terminal, like 80's. Lesser functionnalities but simplier with a little hardware (price, battery...). Not these damned nano- hand- computers- (multimedia and so on);(

RE: Security ?
rsc1000 @ 9/29/2004 6:44:08 PM #
Funny you should say this as this announcement is basically aimed at allowing developers to do just what you are asking - create any kind of app connecting a palm user to a RIM email backend allowing the developers (that is - the companies they work for) to control what happens to this info/data. This will allow in-house (or commercial) software to be created that has exactly the security you are talking about. Wrong time to b!tch ;) It was also just announced that a standard RIM client will be available - but this API is not that; instead it allows for the creation of custom client applications.



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