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If you're like me and plan on doing a majority of your holiday shopping online this year, then checkout the new the palmOne online store sale this weekend. They are currently holding a 48 hour only sale on their website. This Friday through Saturday at midnight only, the Official Palm Store has a number of deals on new handhelds, software and accessories. Also the Treo 650 is available with free express shipping and the Treo 600 price has been reduced.
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Memory Sale

Hal2000 @ 11/26/2004 2:36:52 PM #
T5 memory, 50% off.

2.128 gigs under the hood.
RE: Memory Sale
Gekko @ 11/27/2004 10:59:59 AM #



mikecane @ 11/26/2004 5:39:54 PM #
They're really not promoting WiFi, are they? I don't see a discount on that WiFi SD card!

RE: Duhhh
mikecane @ 11/26/2004 5:41:53 PM #
RE: Duhhh
rsc1000 @ 11/26/2004 8:34:12 PM #
Well - there is one wifi special:

>>Free Executive Case & 64MB SD Card by palmOne w/ Tungsten C Open-box handheld for $274.99

Consider how crappola of a deal the t5 truned out to be, this reduced Tungsten C is actually a damned good deal by comparison. The only problem I have with the C is that it doesn't have the 320x480 screen and its rather ugly/bulky. Otherwise - theres yr cheap Palm Wifi device.

RE: Duhhh
batmon @ 11/27/2004 12:47:38 AM #
"Up to $50 instant savings on the Zire 21 & 31 handhelds, plus a free Backpack and free shipping."

Here we go again... They been offering $50 rebate and the backpack for a while and they just change the wording a bit to make it black friday 48 hrs "special" sales...

I wish they take $50 off for TE because it seems like the best replacement for my m505. I also saw some TE ad on TV yesterday.. pretty cool. :-)

RE: Duhhh
drw @ 11/27/2004 1:02:10 AM #
> The only problem I have with the C is that
> it doesn't have the 320x480 screen and its
> rather ugly/bulky. Otherwise - theres yr
> cheap Palm Wifi device.

I'm in the camp that has to have a thumbpad for rapid data entry. Tired of tossing pda's with malfunctioning overused graffiti areas which otherwise functions fine. The treo 600/650's thumbpad is too small. The prior treo's were just the right size, and the C has a good thumbpad as well. It's only competition would be the ipaq 4350, but that's a little too tall. The T5 is ugly in my opinion, and the screen refresh in the new datebook is pretty sad in comparison to the snappyness of my C.

I would like to see a resurrection of the Treo 90 with a fast processor, OS6, WIFI, BLUETOOTH. I think sprint is coming out with a couple ppc's which slide to reveal a thumbpad, but they might be fat, plus anything that doesn't have EVDO is premature at this point.


RE: Duhhh
Hazniet @ 11/27/2004 10:46:28 AM #
I saw the P1 wifi card at CompUSA just two days ago. My eyes lit up! The price was either 129 or 119? I'm banking on 129.

If you feel like you're under control, you're just not going fast enough.
RE: Duhhh
Gekko @ 11/27/2004 10:58:19 AM #

Palm WIFI Card doesn't even support their two flagship products - the T5 and T650! So why would Palm want to have customers asking silly questions like "Why can't I have WIFI for your top of the line product I bought?"

RE: Duhhh
Marshall Flinkman @ 11/27/2004 2:34:58 PM #
Actually, drw, the Treo 600 and 650 keyboards are *not* the same--various reviews have pointed out the difference. If you compare closeups of the two, you'll see that the 600's keyboard has a straight row of keys and the 650's is curved like a smile and follows the curve of the buttons. That both spreads the keys out and makes room for the larger keys used on the 650. I would expect that the new keyboard would be comparable to the 90/180/270/300 style, and I say that as a former Treo 90 owner.

RE: Duhhh
mikecane @ 11/27/2004 4:10:49 PM #
Gekko, someone has actually *seen* the WiFi SD card in beta (ie, near-final) for the T5. Go back to your bookkeeping. I'll keep the lamppost warm for you.

RE: Duhhh
Gekko @ 11/27/2004 4:36:37 PM #

Con - what does that have to do with TODAY? The future is NOW!

RE: Duhhh
mikecane @ 11/28/2004 1:46:59 PM #
As usual, Gekko, you blither.

Are they the gifts worth giving?

Strider_mt2k @ 11/28/2004 3:14:28 PM #
Alternate title:
A 48 hour sale resulting in a 72-hour "Return-a-thon"

I feel kinda bad for anyone getting into Palm OS handhelds through either of P1's new "flagship" products.

Between changes being made in the memory system and other technical blunders with the hardware, how will P1's Palm OS handheld experience really differ from PPC in a positive way?

If anything, the latest incredible P1 screwups will cause more folks exploring handheld computing through P1's flagship line to see what might be, by comparison, a more logical step to PPC!

We, the geeky minority know better, and hopefully some of the newcomers will have experienced users like us to help explain why they got hosed so bad on the first handheld they bought or were given.

But the rest of those poor schmoes are in for a different experience than many of us remember having.

That's tuly a bummer.

RE: Are they the gifts worth giving?
bcombee @ 11/28/2004 11:18:05 PM #
I've had my Treo 650 for almost six full days now, and so far, it's my favorite Palm OS device ever. Yes, the memory system needs some tweaking, but while I'm a developer, I've never been a user that's filled up my devices memory in normal use, but right now I've got a great web browser (Blazer), a good email client (VersaMail), a nice networked media player (Pocket Tunes Deluxe), a great eBook reader (eReader Pro), instant messaging (Verichat), SMS, a very nice phone user interface, a few fun games, and a keyboard/five-way nav system that works very well. I've still got 9MB free in main memory, and with a 1GB SD card, I've got plenty of storage for music, books, pictures, and videos.

The device operates quickly, it's got a great wireless link with an unlimited data plan, and it feels very solid in my hand. I don't regret it at all.

Ben Combee - PDA programmer weblog



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