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Health Diet Manager Palm Windows Mobileiambic today announced the availability of Health & Diet Manager v3.0 for Palm OS devices. The program does everything from tracking your health-related vitals (resting pulse, blood pressure, hours slept), calories consumed and calories expended, to helping you create an action plan for eating and exercising. ambic has also announced the availability of a new, Windows Desktop version of Health & Diet Manager.

Health & Diet Manager v3.0 is available now for Palm OS 4 and above as well as Windows Mobile devices. It sells for $19.95 and comes with a free trial period. The Windows desktop version, which allows complete data synchronization with the mobile apps, is also priced at $19.95.

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The Hacker's Diet - presumably better and free

kilf @ 9/18/2008 9:43:04 AM # Q
If this is better than the PalmOS version of the Hacker's Diet tool, I'd be very surprised. Try it here:

Don't be put off by the stone-age graphics, it looks great and works great on a modern Treo (just enable colour in the prefs).

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