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Mundu IMGeodesic has released a new version of its Mundu IM software. Mundu IM is a feature rich mobile instant messaging client with support for AIM, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and Yahoo IM services through a single, interoperable user-friendly interface. Version 4.10 adds full support for the Treo 755p and Centro devices, support for AIM/MAC accounts, offline messages in AOL and ICQ, "resources locked in background mode to avoid random crashes", auto-reconnect fixes and a number of performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Mundu IM v4.1 supports Palm OS 5.2 and later and Windows Mobile devices. The program can be purchased for a one-time charge of US $11.00 and there are no per message fees. There is a free fully functional 5 day trial period.

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Not just palmos and winmob

achitnis @ 6/19/2008 1:34:07 AM # Q
Mundu IM is available on Blackberries and Sony-Ericsson devices as well, and the Symbian (on Nokia) version is about to be released.

And of course there is Mundu IM for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well:

Atul Chitnis

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