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palmOne support has posted a update for Treo 650 smartphone users experiencing problems with voice mail on Cingular and the former AT&T.
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Great but...

cyberdude @ 3/23/2005 1:29:45 AM # Q
What we really need is something done about the volume at the earpiece. Fixing the resets wouldn't hurt either.
Otherwise, I'm very happy with my 650.

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Gemstar SIM fix - Big Deal!?!

sfmanuel @ 3/23/2005 1:09:23 AM # Q
I had swapped out the Gemstar for Axalto SIM a week after I purchased my Treo (2/16). I have been faithfully reading TC and MTDN and now Palm Infocenter. This update from Cing did not address the handset low volume issue but did free up about 25% of NV memory. According to Cing the major update is due later this year...

Cingular Treo 650 Unlocked
RE: Gemstar SIM fix - Big Deal!?!
jonecool @ 3/23/2005 4:47:56 PM # Q
Actually, the update recentlyp rovided by Cingular did nothing to help the NVFS file system. I applied it to my T650 and first thought that there was an improvement. What actually happened is a good many of my Preferences Entries had been deleted after the Hotsync and many of the associated database from appications stored on SD card were no longer in memory. This gave the "appearance" that you had more memory, not so.

After realizing this, I went back and used BackupBuddy to restore my orig. config (I backed up using BackupBuddy VFS prior to the upgrade). After the restore, I had essentially the same amount of NVFS RAM available before/after the upgrade.

So far, no real change. My T650 is pretty stable, I've learned what actions cause a reset and avoid them.

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