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The palmOne online store is offering a number of specials and free bonuses on handheld purchases. Read on for a comprehensive list and special offers.
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It's that time of year again...

joad @ 3/25/2005 4:41:22 PM # Q
This and other promotions smell like PalmOne is dropping inventory for new models. Hopefully they have a 64MB+ Treo not far behind...

RE: It's that time of year again...
LiveFaith @ 3/25/2005 5:29:13 PM # Q
TC2 is about to manifest.

Pat Horne;
RE: It's that time of year again...
VampireLestat @ 3/25/2005 6:02:02 PM # Q
The most exciting rumour is that the new TE2 and LifeDrive will have OLED screens. That will force me to buy one. OLED is in my opinion one of the next major milestones in mobile computing. It is going to help PDA sales for every brand in a major way.

RE: It's that time of year again...
Gekko @ 3/25/2005 6:55:56 PM # Q

NVFS and G2 are the Devil's work.

RE: It's that time of year again...
VampireLestat @ 3/25/2005 7:15:58 PM # Q
Hi Gekko,

I have been playing with my new X50v for a few days now and I like it. However, the Tungsten T5 is a superior product ergonomy and user friendly wise. Also, I consider the T5's NVFS memory to be a major advantage over the X50v. The peace of mind knowing that your data is secured automatically against a dead battery and the power saving nature of NVFS make it very useful.

I had to buy the X50v because I got like 300$ CAD off in one of them mad 1 day Dell sales. Now I have both PPC and Palm flagships and I am having a tough time deciding what to use.

PalmOne's "Life Drive" might be oriented towards the masses who collect JPGs, movies, music, games, etc. If that is the case and it has OLED and a video acceletor chip (Intel 2700), I will have to seriously consider buying it.

Competition is good. :)

RE: It's that time of year again...
vesther @ 3/25/2005 11:32:26 PM # Q
Well, I hope palmOne can finally learn from their mistakes with the new models. I hope that with the implementation of the upcoming models, I hope that this "NVFS Version 2" (It's similar to the NVFS Implementation that's being used on the Sprint Treo 650 1.08 Update) will finally see the light as it improves the efficiency of the NVFS System (Don't think that the NVFS is the work of the devil Gekko--palmOne finally listened to its power Treo users with the efficiency update with the latest Sprint Treo 650 update, though palmOne still needs to get its act together and release the efficiency update for the Cingular one as well, but palmOne still needs to release the efficiency update for the Tungsten T5, though).

I doubt that Graffiti 2 will be banished soon IMO since it's pretty much that every handheld, NOT JUST PALMONE, that now has Graffiti 2 as standard fare.

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RE: It's that time of year again...
hkklife @ 3/26/2005 12:25:50 AM # Q
Every handheld? Pure bollocks. ONLY the "Palm-powered" detritus currently littering the market are "G2-powered" and the only reason for that is because it's the default choice of the remaing GUTLESS P1 hardware manufacturers. Well, them along with the complacent developer community. SOMEONE has got to be willing to take Xerox on, either directly or via legally dubious avenues. Never in the history of personal computing have I seen something that passed for a standard means of input/fundamental piece of an OS be snuffed out:

A. So quickly
B. Without anything approaching a whimper of protest from the installed user & developer base
C. Without ANY viable long-term alternative offered as either commercial software or a freeware (other than the flaky G1 library hack for the devices released between the T|T and T3).

If G1 was hated so badly, I sure didn't hear any rumblings about it prior to the advent of G2.

If the P1 online store offered a legit, fully operational G1 plugin for $50, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Gekko is right, the devil's really had his way with the Palm OS post-OS 5.0. NVFS I could make do with the same way I used to make do with <1gb hard drives (external media). G2 I cannot cope with nor will I accept.

Btw, PPCs still provide the lovely option of "block recognition" which is essentially G1 strokes mated to G2's onscreen ink with a few more modern twists.

What's a LifeDrive?
Masamune @ 3/26/2005 7:03:20 AM # Q
I read this in one of the above posts. Is this the name of the P1MP, sorry, PalmOne Media Player

RE: It's that time of year again...
mikecane @ 3/26/2005 11:18:31 AM # Q
Yeah, what Gekko said.

What is this silly "LifeDrive" business? Another collective rumor hallucination?

>>Loving using **G1** again on the GENIO PPC<<

RE: It's that time of year again...
AdamaDBrown @ 3/26/2005 12:55:04 PM # Q
Lestat, the Axim also has reset-safe flash memory. Just instruct the backup program to back up file in RAM to the Built-In Storage, and you can restore from any condition any time.

Mike, the 'LifeDrive' is a running rumor talking about a model with a 4 GB internal microdrive and possibly WiFi. There's no hard evidence to back it up, but there's been some unusual chatter from some of the PalmOne execs.

RE: It's that time of year again...
Altema @ 3/26/2005 8:53:13 PM # Q
What's with the inability to adapt? I picked up on G2 in about 15 minutes and don't even think about it. Yes, we have four G1 devices and two G2 devices in the house, and even the kids have no problems adjusting style depending on the device.

RE: It's that time of year again...
ackmondual @ 3/27/2005 5:21:40 PM # Q
I prefererd G1 over G2, but now that i've learned it, Im gonna stay with it. At least it's tolerable IMO. The problem with the G1 lib hack is that T5 and up, it probably won't work so u'll be forced to revert someday unless u have a steady supply of T3's on hand

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TE2 Specs

Frenchie @ 3/25/2005 5:45:10 PM # Q
TE2 specs on 1src

200mhz xscale
18-bit screen
32mb NVFS
OS 5.4

A worthy upgrade. Hopefully it is only $200.

The world will end in 2006. Just as it was predicted in the bible along with the release of Microsoft Longhorn.... :p

RE: TE2 Specs
crimewave @ 3/25/2005 8:40:45 PM # Q
I found the TE2 listed my store's inventory under development. MSRP $249, no specs yet.

Computers don't make mistakes, people do.
RE: TE2 Specs
Sleuth255 @ 3/25/2005 9:05:04 PM # Q

"Buzzz"! Wrong answer P1: too much.

RE: TE2 Specs
hkklife @ 3/26/2005 9:31:19 AM # Q
$250 is entirely too much, considering the relatively mediocre specs of the unit. The fact is that history has proved the T|E to be an astounding success due to its reasonable price tag at launch ($200) and huge bang-for-the-$ at the time.

$225 is as high as P1 could realistically go with the E2 (and have it down to $200 by Christmas '05). Especially so because it's offering what is basically a sideways step memory-wise IF the NVFS is "fixed" out of the box. It'll be a backwards step if it's not (like the Treo 600's 32mb to the 650's 23mb downgrade) and the ROM likely won't be flashable & patchable on this budget model either.

I can guarantee you that there are tons of T|E owners out there with every bit of their 32mb memory close to being chock-full. They are gonna be in for a miserable experience if they buy a NVFS-enabled E2 and find out there's not enough breathing room to move over all of their existing data & programs. P1 seems as infatuated with a 32mb cap nowadays as they did with 8mb & 16mb back in the OS4 & 5 days--but this time they cannot blame is on limitations of the Dragonball CPU or the OS.

RE: TE2 Specs
mikecane @ 3/26/2005 11:20:47 AM # Q
32MB in a handheld is just silly nowadays. 32MB in a **$250** PDA is just psychotic.

RE: TE2 Specs
ardiri @ 3/26/2005 3:21:36 PM # Q
    18-bit screen

really? :)

palmos supports 16bit (5-6-5 format). why put an 18bit display (do they exist) - for other than marketing (18bit = better than 16bit (barf)). we have seen manufactures put in 12 bit displays (4-4-4) but converting from 5-6-5 -> 4-4-4 is quite easy. i am definately interested in the 18bit screen :P

in regards to the rumors. it is that time of the year again.

the units are late; there are two models being released - i dont know the exact details of these units - but i know they are coming. a low end handheld (TE2 = good guess) and a media/business based handheld to sit alongside the T5 (most likely zire/tungsten mix). both of these units will run os 5.4 (garnet) - no cobalt right now.

but, everying is a rumor until the release date. i've seen units like the handera 330c actually exist; yet, never make the release date :) i guess that NDA is over now *g*

Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer

RE: TE2 Specs
ardiri @ 3/26/2005 3:31:09 PM # Q

seems 18bit displays do actually exist :) but, even with this - i dont see how any application/developer will be able to take advantage of this format directly (OS only supports 16bit max).

i guess, they'll do anything for marketing :)

Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer

RE: TE2 Specs
ocspub @ 3/27/2005 3:56:18 PM # Q
> i guess, they'll do anything for marketing :)

You think? I very much doubt that the average T|E buyer would even understand what 16 vs. 18 bits means. 32 MB RAM vs. 64 MB in the PPC next to it is much better (mis-) understood by the broad, unwashed masses ;-)


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RE: TE2 Specs
joad @ 3/27/2005 4:45:17 PM # Q
"32MB in a handheld is just silly nowadays. 32MB in a **$250** PDA is just psychotic."

...Then what shall we call 32MB (16-20MB usable) in a **$700.00** Treo 650? ;)

PalmOne seems to have a ridiculous belief that an SD card can make up for lack of internal RAM. The NVFS is somewhat useful, but I'd MUCH rather they increase the internal memory FIRST.

In fact, by using NVFS PalmOne seems to be targeting their innovation toward people that leave the things in the drawer unused long enough to completely drain the battery....

Hey PalmOne- how about at least ONE smartphone for those of use who use your devices EVERYDAY - NVFS has ZERO appeal to me - $10 Backupman withstands a hard reset, which apparently NVFS does not. I can always use less of the internal RAM, but it's extremely difficult, expensive, and/or impossible to increase the RAM in your devices. Repeat: SD is not RAM!!!

RE: TE2 Specs
ackmondual @ 3/27/2005 5:29:53 PM # Q
hear here on
SD RAM != internal RAM

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RE: TE2 Specs
The Black Moose @ 3/27/2005 11:54:36 PM # Q
16 bit, 18 bit, 32's all pointless marketing strategy. Ooh, thousands of colors, millions of colors!

Big deal, unless you're some kind of alien species, you probably don't distinguish more than 300 colors.

Palmone, please do something more constructive. 16 bit is fine, unless there is an 18 bit that has less processor strain and works more efficiently.

RE: TE2 Specs
twizza @ 3/28/2005 12:15:39 AM # Q
Actually, I am an alien and can see the differnce in 16 and 18 bit color in the yellows and greens. I am just a bit silly like that I guess.

Is the TE2 late, yup. Will palmOne still pull some kind of consumer magic stick and this still sell well, probably. Personally, I know quite a few people who will look at this and go wow. Now, if it doesnt sell, we can look for a reduction in price within a few months after the intro with something more permainent happening in Sept. I think that the TE2 will be a good device for those that like the TE and dont want to move to the T5. And if it has the bigger battery in it, it will at least be quite nice to use for a work day without having to lug a charger around (so happy that I dont have to with the T5 anymore).

RE: TE2 Specs
ackmondual @ 3/28/2005 12:28:00 AM # Q
I indirectly agree with Twizza on the 18bit display. Not directly b/c i haven't observed the difference for myself firsthand, but some ppl have reported that SpiderMan 2 looks MUCH better on a PSP's 24bit screen as opposed to a 16bit PDA screen. Lower pix on the PSP but the 16:9 aspect ratio supposedly makes up for it.

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RE: TE2 Specs
twizza @ 3/28/2005 1:04:34 PM # Q
24bit is a whole different story. You shouldnt have to deal with dithering on that level of display. THe PSP does indeed look marvelous in that respect. That much detail is not needed on a PDA though. A Zodiac maybe, but other PDAs are as entertainment focused.

All of this display stuff is going to be moot when we get to those color e-ink displays. If you think paper looks good, that stuff will be really nice. Think photopaper withuot the sumdges. Show me a PDA with that kinda screen and I will be very tempted to make the jump.

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