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Palm Desktop on iPodSappenin has released a new windows application that lets users send their Datebook, contacts, memos and to-do's onto and Apple iPod. The free beta of PalmPod exports to any 3G or later iPod and supports multiple character sets and offers a number of options for send over your data.
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DJS_TX @ 4/12/2005 2:36:06 PM # Q
Nifty program. Cool that it is freeware. But why? You have a palm already to transport PIM information on. If you want to carry your information to multiple computers then just take your palm with you. Or am I missing something? What value does this add?


RE: Why?
jlbunting @ 4/12/2005 3:12:20 PM # Q
It's not that you would; it’s that you could.
That’s the beauty of technology.

RE: Why?
RhinoSteve @ 4/12/2005 3:13:08 PM # Q
Why did they do it? Because they could. Hence it is "freeware" the payoff the developer will get for this is not money but "street cred" for pulling it off first.

Welcome to the edge.

RE: Why?
Maccool @ 4/12/2005 3:14:23 PM # Q
What's even funnier to me is that there's no Mac version of this program. Uh, did I miss something, or didn't the iPod come into being because of Apple? Show some love.

RE: Why?
statik @ 4/12/2005 3:20:31 PM # Q
The mac version isn't required b/c OSX already has iSync built into the OS, which allows you to do the same thing. I've been syncing the same data to my iPod & Palm Pilot for a year now.

As for why? When I'm jogging or working out at the gym, I always bring my iPod but seldom bring my Palm Pilot or cell phone.

The biggest drawback is that there is no password protection on the iPod, so you have to watch out that you don't sync any private information.

RE: Why?
Ben S @ 4/12/2005 3:46:50 PM # Q
I like having my contact info and datebook info on my iPod. For one thing, it's easier to do one-handed searches of my contacts on my iPod than it is on my Palm. And if I'm blasting tunes, I sometimes don't hear my Palm's alarm for events, but as soon as I glance at the iPod's screen I'm reminded.

It is a little disconcerting to have my Palm, iPod, and Powerbook all beeping at me simultaneously though. OTOH, I haven't missed a meeting in months :-)

RE: Why?
Maccool @ 4/12/2005 3:56:40 PM # Q
>statik @ 4/12/2005 3:20:31 PM

>The mac version isn't required b/c OSX already has iSync built into the OS, which allows you to do the same thing. I've been syncing the same data to my iPod & Palm Pilot for a year now.

Oops forgot 'bout that! I didn't realize Windows had no option for iSync.

RE: Why?
patchwork @ 4/12/2005 6:28:45 PM # Q
Actually, thinking about it, you don't actually need to own a Palm Powered device. You just need an installed copy of PalmOne Desktop.

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RE: Why?
jho4thclie @ 4/12/2005 8:41:07 PM # Q
Just to clarify, this is nowhere near the "first" PalmDesktop --> iPod syncing software.

Palm2iPod has been around since September 2002.


RE: Why?
WileyCoyote @ 4/13/2005 10:55:05 AM # Q
YESSSS You don't need to have a Palm device just the desktop software. My PIM needs are minimal - just the calendar and addressbook and an IPOD is way cooler and more convienent to carry than a Palm device. This is just the kind of convergence that I may have been looking for. I will check this out for sure.
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iPod Shuffle?

4s @ 4/12/2005 3:17:02 PM # Q
So is compatible with the iPod Shuffle?

RE: iPod Shuffle?
4s @ 4/12/2005 3:24:07 PM # Q
Before someone wigs out, the last post was a joke.

RE: Palm Shuffle?
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 4/12/2005 4:07:31 PM # Q
So is compatible with the iPod Shuffle?


What the hell are you talking about? Who needs a Palm, Memos, Contacts, Datebook, To Dos, etc.? Be a rebel like Steve Jobs tells us to be.

Random is the New Order
Welcome to a life less orderly... Lose control. Love it.

We are the iPod iZombies. We're in control now™.

RE: iPod Shuffle?
ChiA @ 4/12/2005 6:56:55 PM # Q
> > The_Voice_of_Reason < <

Finally got rid of that signature that was full of crap ! !

RE: iPod Shuffle?
mikecane @ 4/12/2005 9:12:22 PM # Q
Now if only we could get rid of the rest of his crap.

And he should know about losing control...

RE: iPod Shuffle?
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 4/12/2005 9:34:45 PM # Q
Don't be a hater, Cane. Hate will eat you up and destroy your soul.

Press release: CUPERTINO, California — February 11, 2005 — Apple® announced today that Steve Jobs will begin selling his own feces to Apple Cultists beginning March 1. Apple's new iPoo™ lineup is expected to easily surpass the iPod shuffle as the company's most popular product. Yes, Apple Cultists can already easily create their own iPoo™, but feces didn't seem cool until Jobs told them it was cool. Remember, kids: the ONLY cool feces is Jobs' highly individualistic, rebellious iPoo™ (coming soon in six different colors/flavors, including the red [hematochezia] and black [melena] U2 GI bleed model)

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RE: iPod Shuffle?
twrock @ 4/13/2005 9:45:26 AM # Q
4s, yes, the software does allow syncing with the shuffle. Unfortunately the second and following times that you sync it with your computer, it shuffles all your data. But don't worry, all your data is still there. And, according to Darwinian logic, if you continue to sync it enough times over a long enough period of time, everything will end up back where it belongs eventually.

RE: iPod Shuffle?
twrock @ 4/13/2005 10:00:40 AM # Q
And he should know about losing control...

Mike, are you suggesting that TVoR has a problem with incontinence? Hmm..., this may help explain the obsession with poo.

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Another option that's out there, IAC

oboise @ 4/13/2005 11:57:00 AM # Q
I notice that the Beta ids free, which may or may not be true for the final package. Personally, I'll stick with my T|3 and it's MP3 if I want to worry about it.
But, if anyone is looking for a similar product to compare, i noticed in my last mailing that Dataviz has a similar product to load your Outlook to your IPod at
From their website:
Transfer Outlook Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Notes and E-mail to your iPod
Transfer weather forecasts to your iPod
Transfer web news feeds and movie listings to your iPod
PowerPoint exporter utility for iPod Photo

Still stickin' with my T|3 :)

RE: Another option that's out there, IAC
Altema @ 4/13/2005 1:59:47 PM # Q
Now if they only had a product that would sync my Palm info to my phone. There's times when my T3 is being used for recording or games for the kids, and I need to get a number or note.

RE: Another option that's out there, IAC
ggeoffre @ 4/14/2005 10:01:43 PM # Q
Please define who 'they' are, since many phones are already supported...

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