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CNet has posted this review of the new Pocket PC. The review is basically a pan, saying "If you love Windows, you're going to love Microsoft's newest version of Windows CE, Pocket PC...Windows fans in the market for a handheld may be swayed, but Palm users should stay put." Given the number of people who I know who "love" Windows, I would say thats not a good review.
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Consider the source!

PDA Boy @ 4/27/2000 11:07:30 AM #
If you read the review, you come away with the feeling that the review was less than impartial. It's quite clear she is a Palm user. I know several people (Palm users) who purchased new PocketPC devices last week, and they haven't had any crashes at all, they love them! My Palm looks outright dated compared to these new devices...:-(

And why did she drop that last comment..."Palm users should stay put!" It sounds like she's afraid Palm users may actually want one of these handhelds. I'm already suffering from PocketPC envy!

C'mon Palm....get your heads out of your a*s and start adding some of these cool features!

RE: Consider the source!
Ed @ 4/27/2000 1:36:36 PM #
Sorry but she is right. I tried the HP in Office Depot yesterday and the thing locked up
in less than five minutes. My Palm has frozen twice in the last year. Its is a good looking
machine, but the price is way out of line and it has stability problems.
RE: Consider the source!
Terry Thiel @ 4/28/2000 7:46:17 AM #
I think its a very poor and biased review but I also used an HP in the store and it locked up on me. Plus some things would just stop working. I'm tapping away on checkboxes etc. and nothing would happen. The new CE is much better in speed but is not that much better in useability. Since so many hardware vendors have given up on CE we have a poor choice of hardware to choose from as well. Casio warmed over their E-1XX series, HP came out with a sort of impressive offering but I can't stand the screen, lid or stylus. A lot of people are waiting on the Compaq but to add storage to it you have to attach this bulkyu add on. I dunno. I'm especially surprised that stability of the OS is not good. Maybe its just the HP since I also used the E-115 and it didn't seem to have the same problems.

PC Envy

Paul @ 4/27/2000 1:22:55 PM #
I think if MS markets the new devices as "Pocket PC's" and not try to sway the Palm market, they might have something.
The long standing problem, for me, is that MS is trying to do a lot more with a Palm than I really want or need.
Palm's upcoming wireless capabilities will be of much more interest to me, and I'd guess most Palm users, than being able to listen to MP3's and playing 5 second video clips on a handheld.
Give me function, not gimmicks.

Re: PC Envy

Mark @ 4/30/2000 9:02:38 PM #
Couldn't agree with you more Paul. I've no interest in MP3 or media files on my Palm. Wireless connectivity is what I crave. If the P7 had 8MB of memory I'd own one. Until then I'll stick with what I got.


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