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Palm Inc. will report its Q3FY08 results tomorrow. The company will also hold its quarterly earnings conference call with investors and analysts. The call will be webcast to interested parties, details can be found here.

Of course, stay tuned to PIC for the details and highlights from the call. You can catch up on details from the last call here.

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Popcorn ready

Nycran @ 3/19/2008 6:51:17 PM # Q
This is going to be entertaining....

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Sell this POS and get it over with

theog @ 3/20/2008 2:32:33 AM # Q
Wish they would go ahead and sell this company and get it over with.

Anyone rushing out to buy palm shares?


Vote for John Kerry... best man for the job.

RE: Sell this POS and get it over with
RussianGuy @ 3/20/2008 8:11:49 AM # Q
'Anyone rushing out to buy palm shares?'

You must be kidding - institutions are buying Palm shares like crazy.

T Rowe Price increased its stake to 18%
Fidelity now owns 15%
Of the top 20 holders, only 2 have cut their positions in the co, while 15 added to their positions.

Palm was largely written off in 2003 just before the Treo...

New Palm OS device by end 2008

RE: Sell this POS and get it over with
bhartman34 @ 3/20/2008 10:57:55 AM # Q
I actually think the Centro is going to help them. There's definitely a place in the market for an inexpensive smartphone, and they will the people who have Palm PDAs and want a phone, but couldn't afford or justify spending the money on a Treo. The price point is under what you'd have to pay for an iPhone or iPod Touch, and the apps from the SDK are still vaporware, at this point. (That's not to say that they won't materialize, but they're not here yet.)

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Taking Bets

razorpit @ 3/20/2008 8:11:19 AM # Q
I got $5 on the announcement that Palm OS 6 is going to be delayed.

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