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Resco SuiteResco Software is now offering the Resco Suite, a new product which combines six of their best selling Palm OS applications. The package includes five essential applications - Explorer, Viewer, Backup, IDGuard and Neeews as well as its Sudoku game as an added bonus.

Resco Suite v1.01 for Palm OS is available now with a free trial. The full bundle is being sold for $59.95. Purchased individually, the total cost would be $125, representing just about a 50% discount.

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Resco Explorer

Gekko @ 2/1/2008 8:03:26 PM # Q

great product - nice to be able to ftp files to/from treo to/from online storage.

RE: Resco Explorer
PacManFoo @ 2/1/2008 9:24:11 PM # Q
I'm a big fan of Resco apps too. I decided to go ahead and get IDGuard and can say I like it better then Splash ID. I also have explorer and Neeews on the TX and I use Viewer on my Tungsten T.

I like to support companies that still make TX compatible applications and just so you know, IDGuard is 320X480 on the TX.

Thinking about software make me wonder something. If the Treo's are such great sellers for Palm then why are developers flocking away from Palm. Do Treo owners just use the built in apps? I'd hate to even know how much I've dished out for software for my Palm PDA's over the years, let's just say I have an extensive library of applications. This was a big factor though when I decided to buy another TX rather then move to another platform.

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RE: Resco Explorer
janos @ 2/2/2008 3:59:46 PM # Q
Thanks for the nice remarks. However, I shall react to the question about the software purchase.

Acc. to the Resco stats the clear leader among the devices (as far the application purchase is concerned) is Palm TX. The Treo models perform strongly as well, but even the best of them does not exceed 50% of the Palm TX level. Centro is lagging clearly behind.

Judging also by other numbers I saw my conclusion is that Palm OS users make up a rather advanced minority.

However, the trends are negative:
- Above statement does not seem to be true for the Centro users.
- Part of the advanced users may be leaving for other platforms. (The offer of great devices is growing.)
- "Consumers" (I don't mean it bad: simply people who wants a tool with no ambition to investigate how it works.) prefer other platforms.

Globally, Palm OS market share shrinks and these losses have large impact on the software sphere as well.

For example Resco Explorer is available for both Palm OS and PPC platforms and it has similar rankings in the bestseller lists at various resellers. Yet the PPC version is selling several times better. (In other words, our PPC colleagues get more money for the same work.)

No wonder that developers - despite often emotionally bound to Palm OS - are moving away. I just hope that Palm really works on something great.

Jan Slodicka, Resco

RE: Resco Explorer
PacManFoo @ 2/2/2008 6:22:17 PM # Q
Wow! Thanks Jan for that honest and informative post.

As I've always expected, Palm TX users use their devices to it's fullest where Treo and now Centro owners do so much less. Palm should really take note of that because brand loyalty for their smartphones will not be what they are use to with PDA's. As I stated before, the amount of software I had already purchased influenced my last decision and in the end I stayed with Palm. Smartphone users will be much more likely to switch to the device of the day when their contracts expire.

Thanks again Resco for the continued support of the TX device. For the developers that only develop for Treo (320X320 only), just look at what you've been missing out on.

PDA's Past and Present:
Palm TX (Number 2)
Palm - IIIxe, Vx, M500, M505, Tungsten T, TX
Handspring - Edge, Platinum, Deluxe
Sony - SJ22
Apple - MP110, MP2000, MP2100

RE: Resco Explorer
joad @ 2/4/2008 12:18:41 AM # Q
"I just hope that Palm really works on something great."

Yes, hope springs eternal I guess. Palm isn't even promising the years-awaited "next OS" for at least another year, we're stuck with a bunch of Treos that could have been built with 2003 technology in 2003 if they had wanted to devote the resources. Instead they built a bunch of marginal bugfixes and wore out their welcome amongst a whole lot of users. Many have gone on to WinceMob, Blackberries, and other technology that didn't keep fighting their users and instead have aimed to EXCEED the "minimum specifications"...

I've heard similar things to what Jan is saying from nearly every developer that I've spoken to over the past six or so years. Many developers such as Agendus even DROPPED development for Wince/PocketPC/WinMob a few years ago - and then started back up again as Palm kept dropping the ball over and over and over. The Treo 650 was probably the watershed device - bringing out an "upgrade" that had even *less* RAM than the previous model (and it was buggy NVFS to boot) was a big "middle finger" to everyone that developed applications for the Palm devices.

With a replacement Treo coming out about every couple years now, when Palm goofs up a device they are likely losing 20-30% of their existing base by the time the bugfix device comes out - people don't wait two years anymore and Palm has blown nearly all the goodwill they used to have with users. When users are forced to spend hours and hours deciding which applications they need to shoehorn onto an external card and/or live without because their $650.00 "smart"phone doesn't have enough memory, it's the people who develop and sell for that platform who lose in the end. One indicator: Palmgear's dead, its ghost wanders the internet in a horrid form and without the vast library of freeware that was the gateway drug to the beauty of the Palm Operating system's versatility. People who previously would have been guaranteed Palm users are buying Blackberries instead - and after talking with them and playing with their devices I have to admit that I completely understand why they chose other devices instead of a Palm...

**Another vote for a >100MB RAM Treo**

RE: Resco Explorer
ProfGreg @ 2/4/2008 12:01:08 PM # Q
I would just like to add my praise to that of others for Resco products. I have a full set of their Palm utilities - purchased individually I might add.

I run them on a TX that replaced a long serving T/III when the latter finally expired. I have a factory sealed TX in a bottom drawer against future need - not expecting Palm to come up with anything better.

I have also been pleased with the most recent updates from from Iambic, Dataviz, Opera, Megasoft, Toysoft, Win-Hand, Kinoma, CorePlayer, and Pocket-Tunes. A connected TX has a lot of abilities, including a display large enough to enjoy.

Sad to see the TX as an end rather than as a promise of further development.

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TX Blues

KultiVator @ 2/5/2008 11:50:25 AM # Q
I love my TX and I'm a long time user of Resco Explorer (superb software - kind of like Directory Opus for Palm OS).

However, my TX is getting a little long in the tooth - and I really will have to look hard at the market soon for a TX alternative. (I don't need or want a SmartPhone).

Sadly for Palm, it looks to me as though the iPod Touch might soon make the most appropriate step forwards (assuming the Apple SDK has the expected result - i.e. a big flood of third-party apps).

Sad to think that a humble music player has proved that Palm was premature in ending the PDA line and forcing users to migrate to their flakey Treos. Especially, since with a little more foresight and innovation from Palm, the LifeDrive could have been much of what the iPod Touch is today... an attractive, media-centric device, with a nice mobile Web experience that can also do some clever worky type stuff as well.

After spending 11 years with a Palm of some kind in my pocket, I am quite sad at how we've all been let down by the great underachiever that is Palm.

At the end of the day - if you've got something good, you keep developing and refining it and adding new functionality, a better user-interface. Apple knows this and gets on with it. Palm never really seem to have got it and now I just can't wait any longer.

When my TX croaks, the Palm logo will be just a fond memory of something that could have been so much better.

RE: TX Blues
hkklife @ 2/5/2008 2:16:50 PM # Q

Why not just buy another (cheap) TX? That's what I plan on doing when my 700p's contract ends, as I'm not sure I really want to re-up and be stuck with an aging 755p for another 2+ years.

Instead of releasing a 32gb iPod Touch today I wish Apple would start adding "power user" functionality to the iPhone & Touch and/or revamping the horrendous iTunes for Windows.

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RE: TX Blues
KultiVator @ 2/5/2008 9:26:47 PM # Q
I know that the iPod Touch (today) doesn't replace the TX, but I think the potential is there for things to evolve quite quickly.

I don't see anything really evolving at Palm at all before 2009 and that's if they're still trading at that point in time.

Fingers crossed that someone at Apple is smart enough to have a 2nd gen high-end iPod Touch model on the drawing board with...

* SDHC Socket (Yes - an iPod with potential for some expansion!)
* Full Implementation of Bluetooth (for keyboard, headset, car kit, etc)
* Ability to run Flash (SWF) content.
* Ability to view PDFs (within Safari?)
* Improved PIM functionality - with solid Mac/Win/Lin syncing.
* In-built SiRF chipset.
* Resco on-board as a developer!

Now this may be a dream today - but there's definitely a section of the market that would be all over this thing like a rash.

BTW - curious about your iTunes comments, what are your niggles (I too am a iTunes on Win user - but like it for a number of reasons - not least of which is who wife-friendly it is!)


RE: TX Blues
hkklife @ 2/5/2008 10:33:14 PM # Q
Not to stray too far OT but....IMO, any "mp3" player that does NOT appear as a UMS/mass storage device is an abomination. iTunes is a bloated pig that runs horribly on both my desktop (4GB RAM + Intel Q6600 @ 3ghz Core 2 Quad CPU) running Vista and my backup Core 2 Duo desktop (2ghz, 2GB DDR2) running XP. The ONLY reason I own a 160gb iPod Classic is because of the build quality and storage capacity. The entire market for high-capacity HD-based mp3 players has tanked, sadly enough. I dislike iTunes (both the store and the software) with a passion and wish that the Amazon DRM-free MP3 store had a larger variety of offerings. But, quite honestly, I don't trust any sort of downloaded A/V content and continue to purchase music on CD whenever possible and will continue to do so as long as audio CDs are still being pressed.

Now to get back OT:

Apple will NEVER put a removable media card slot on any of their devices. It'd ruin their "zen" and would make people hang on to older devices longer since they could expand the capacity. And I doubt we'll never see GPS onboard either. I mean, Palm has beat the GPS drum much more than Apple has over the past few years. The other issues---PDFs, flash content etc--will probably come in time. I doubt we'll ever see *FULL* BT support. And the improved PIM functionality will never happen, lest someone accuse the Apple hipsters of carrying something as dated and tragically unhip as a "PDA".

The two areas where I will defend Palm to the bitter end is its wealth of add-on software (though this is significantly less important than, oh, 5-6 years ago) and the stunning simplicity of the PIM apps.

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