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SplashData has announced that version 2.0 its award winning SplashBlog photoblogging solution is now available for Palm OS devices. The company has also announced that it will enable anybody to start and maintain a photoblog of up to 100 images at no cost.
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arp @ 9/29/2005 3:16:33 PM # Q
While I'm all for being entrepreneural, this seems more like an app that you should pay a one time fee for and host the images yourself. While $30 may not be a lot, the whole subscription model for software seems like a desperate attempt to convert one-time customers into a "revenue stream".

But the software is still nice.

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RE: Pricey
adamsmark @ 9/29/2005 3:44:44 PM # Q
Agreed. In fact, the digital camera of the future should have a photo upload feature. While my Treo 650 is not the best camera in the world, nothing is more simple than taking a picture and posting it immediately to the web.

But it's not that good that I'll spend $30 each year to do it. Will wait to see what competition does before re-subscribing.

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Photoblogging: free alternatives

palmdoc88 @ 9/30/2005 7:48:09 AM # Q
Well there are free alternatives where you could Email your photos to be hosted on the web. One that comes to mind is (now owned by Yahoo)

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RE: Photoblogging: free alternatives
skennedy1217 @ 9/30/2005 12:53:27 PM # Q
And you can get plugins for many good blogging engines that allow you to easily post photos from a phone or PDA. I know there's one for PixelPost, which is the CMS that I use for mine.

RE: Photoblogging: free alternatives
ryanwaldon2002 @ 10/1/2005 3:28:47 PM # Q
TextAmerica ( or is another good free alternative.


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