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Aceeca MeazuraDespite the near-monopoly of Palm Incís line of Palm OS devices, there are still a handful of other licensees producing Palm OS devices for industrial/vertical applications. One such manufacturer of a specialized, niche Palm OS device is Aceeca with their Meazura handheld, a highly ruggedized handheld intended for industrial applications.

A new beta ROM version for the Meazura Rugged Digital Assistant has just been released. This is primarily a bugfix release intended to address issues when low battery power is present or an improper battery type is found. The EFIGS updater is available for download on Aceeca forum's Beta ROM thread. This release is intended for testing purposes only and not for distribution.

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'still a handful of other Garnet licensees'?

pmjoe @ 11/30/2007 6:50:01 PM # Q
Palm OS 4.1.2 isn't Garnet.

RE: 'still a handful of other Garnet licensees'?
Ryan @ 11/30/2007 7:48:57 PM # Q
Thanks, corrected it.
RE: 'still a handful of other Garnet licensees'?
TreoAnon @ 12/2/2007 2:01:35 PM # Q
Regardless of this narrow argument, Janam makes a industrial-strength unit with Palm OS 5.4, NVFS, and an integrated barcode reader. It was designed to pickup where Symbol left off when they stopped developing their Palm OS line.

The Janam units aim at a different market than Aceeca, but are an important option to anyone looking for a droppable TX alternative!

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PalmOS 2 delayed again!

mikecane @ 11/30/2007 8:38:53 PM # Q
Apparently they are having Handspring-like web issues.

No Saguaro yet!

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