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For all the amazing convenience of the Palm organizer, most people would agree that entering large amounts of text is a bit of a pain. One possible solution to this is the Happy Hacking Cradle, a handy little device that allows you to use almost any PS/2 keyboard with your Palm or WorkPad. You simply place your Palm into the HH Cradle, plug a keyboard into it, start the driver, and start typing.
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Adrox @ 5/4/2000 10:57:31 AM #
I don't see how this product will sell with the folding keyboard and GoType on the market.
RE: nah.. @ 5/4/2000 11:50:14 AM #
Actually, I could see myself getting it for using at *home*, while I would use the GoType for actual travel. It is good to have this alternative. mc
RE: nah..
Hutch @ 5/4/2000 1:25:29 PM #
I got the Folding a week ago and it's great. The reason I didn't get the HH was because it isn't something I can try out, and because it's a little big to drag around.
What I'd want the HH for, is a way to use my palm and a modem and a real keyboard at the same time, for browsing or telnetting. I don't know that the driver would support that use, though.
The Folding KB doesn't have certain keys I'm used to, like the 'esc' key, which I'd need if I wanted to use it with a modem.
modem and keyboard at the same time
dannydee @ 5/6/2000 12:52:50 AM #
according to HH, the palm was designed to only allow one serial communication at a time. Meaning you can either use the keyboard, or go online, but never both at the same time.

I guess it was an oversight on 3Com's part.


RE: nah..
palmless @ 5/8/2000 2:45:30 AM #
Yep, if I want to type I will use a PC ... well I guess one man's keyboard is another man's PC ... :-)
RE: nah..
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 2:33:24 AM #
For those of you that need a barcode scanner, with a slight modification to the free Cue Cat from Radio Shack, you have a very inexpensive option.

Palm and mouse

Addicted @ 6/25/2000 7:46:28 PM #
First, sorry for my poor english...

When reading this article i realized that nobody has come up with a mouse+palm solution. Wouldn't it be great to have a little adaptator to plug a keyboard and a mouse on the palm at the same time. With an hack to the palmOS it should be possible to put a cursor on that thing or at least on the standard applications that come with it. If it become supported we could play games like simcity that are quite unplayable with the pen or use text applications...there are a lot of areas where the mouse is really better than the stylus solution. We could even have a little adaptator (not like the bulky HH Cradle) with little batteries or who could use the power of the batteries inside the palm in order to plug only a mouse.

So, if someone is interrested, please try to devellop a thing like this :)

Use with Palm m105

99ab @ 11/21/2002 1:17:07 AM #
Most accessories which work with the Palm series III will work with the series m105 yet this one doesn't seem to. Why?


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