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Silver Screen is a replacement app launcher for the Palm OS, and a darn good one at that. Several programs including Handscape have seen shortfalls in Palm's Operating System and took it upon themselves to improve and replace it. What Silver Screen has which all the others don't is style.
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Silver Screen --> Version needed for IIIc!

bricors @ 5/5/2000 11:26:43 AM #
I was very excited with the prospect of having some very cool themes on my Palm, but when I downloaded the app, and installed it - it turned everything on my IIIC to greyscale, as far as the interface goes. Its definitely an awesome product - but get a color version, and it'll be amazing!
RE: Silver Screen --> Version needed for IIIc!
Alan C Brawn @ 5/6/2000 5:51:57 AM #
I agree, color would definately be great. Having only used the product on a greyscale palm I have to say that its use of greyscales is great.
If they can pull it off on the color palm then they will really have a winner, but lets not forget it is all too easy to make a mess when playing about with color.
RE: Silver Screen --> Version needed for IIIc!
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/21/2001 7:57:52 AM #
CromaCast is now availible for version 1.95 at their website.

Silver Screen IIIc please, and add'l icons

Shooter @ 5/5/2000 9:29:33 PM #
I downloaded it for my IIIxe, and was disappointed that they hadn't supported the 3rd party apps like Datebk3, Address+, AddressPro, JFile, etc... the developer emailed me and said to wait for version 1.5 for that. Let's hope they also go with a COLOR version for 1.5 too!!!!!!!
RE: Silver Screen IIIc please, and add'l icons
Alan C Brawn @ 5/6/2000 5:49:59 AM #
Additional icons would be great, however you have to understand that it is hard to support everything, though a few 3rd party progs do have new icons, such as Yesturday. I suppose the best way to manage it would be to make a large iconset and let the user set icons for apps in the app info section.

It crashed my palm Vx...

Micke @ 5/5/2000 11:29:47 PM #
Silver crash (auto reset) my Palm Vx (OS v3.5), when showing the version list view for the Mobile Link program.
Else it is a very good program indeed.
RE: It crashed my palm Vx...
Alan C Brawn @ 5/6/2000 5:55:04 AM #
I have tried that on my device, Palm V OS3.3, but it works fine. I`d imagine it would be problem involving OS3.5.
RE: It crashed my palm IIIx...
Ed @ 5/6/2000 9:15:01 AM #
I tried it on my IIIx that I have 3.5 d4 on and it crashed like a 747 full of liver and onions.
RE: It crashed my palm Vx...
Alan C Brawn @ 5/6/2000 2:36:09 PM #
Looking more and more like it has a few issues with 3.5 then.


Paul @ 5/6/2000 3:53:28 AM #
No to be too nit picky. But, this program isn't an OS (Operating System) replacement. It's a GUI (Graphical User Interface) enhancement.
I just think it's important for people to have accurate info.
This does sound like an interesting product.
Alan C Brawn @ 5/6/2000 5:49:15 AM #
Yes, technically it is a GUI replacement, sorry about the mistake.
Paul @ 5/7/2000 3:06:50 AM #
Thanks for the quick reply. Other than that minor oversight, I enjoyed your review.
Alan C Brawn @ 5/7/2000 2:45:07 PM #
Glad you liked it. You may be seeing more of my reviews in the near future.
BillT @ 6/2/2000 10:13:20 PM #
I also enjoyed your review.......and appreciate your ability to acknowledge your mistake in terminology.

Would like to recommend that you ALSO make
*the necessary corcection* to your article tho, as one of the above posters pointed out......

I would consider this high quality journalism,
especially considering :
1)people who have yet to read the article.....
2)newer Palm users, as well as .......
3)the current shifting of OS version numbers and their related issues...(evident even within the responses to this thread)...

Thanks again for the review....agree that an Icon editor would be a BIG plus.

My $.02

Best Regards,

Posted by: Alan C Brawn @ 5/6/00 5:49:15 AM

Yes, technically it is a GUI replacement, sorry about the mistake.

Great app

V0iD @ 5/8/2000 2:04:15 AM #
I've been testing silver for some time now, and it's definitively worth every penny. Could benefit from modularity, install only what you need, save memory.

I prefer 1.1 version

Luigi @ 6/10/2000 11:48:40 AM #
I have tested the program and I'm very entusiatic of it since the first versione 1.0. I have seen the program was going slowly and slowly from one version to next. So, after I tested the 1.4 version I decided to keep the 1.1 version, fast without evident bugs!
RE: I prefer 1.1 version
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/9/2000 8:02:16 AM #
I bought v1.7 and love it. It is much faster now than previous versions I trialled, and the relativley new ability to replace all third party app icons means that the entire interface is now fully customisable. It runs perfectly on my trgpro, except that it doesn't recognise the existence of the AutoCF category, although there are no problems accessing programs on Compact Flash



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