Comments on: TELUS Mobility Adds the Treo 650 in Canada

TELUS Mobility and Palm Canada today announced the availability of the award-winning Palm Treo 650 smartphone.
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welcome to....

rye&ginger @ 11/11/2005 8:14:15 PM # Q
....2003, Telus. I ended my service with this company because they failed to offer any usefull smartphones.

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Competition is good

Patrick @ 11/12/2005 12:39:45 AM # Q
Especially in this market. Maybe Telus will offer reasonably priced data and then my carrier, Rogers, will be forced to follow suit.

Well, I can dream, can't I?

RE: Competition is good
Toysoft @ 11/12/2005 1:16:30 AM # Q
It's about freaking time. two years later after the T600. Even Bell had the T600 last year.

lets how they can do better than crappy rogers. we need unlimited data/textmsg like US carriers for $19.99 or less a month.

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