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Baseball Schedules for Palm OSJust in time for opening day, Toysoft has released their 2006 Major League Baseball schedule and guide for Palm OS. mySchedule MLB includes all 30 MLB team's regular schedules, all team rosters, player salaries, coaches and staff listings. In addition, mySchedule includes a graphical view of player positions and game day games. You can also export any team's schedule to the DateBook or Calendar application with an alarm reminder so you never miss the first pitch.

mySchedule MLB requires Palm OS 5 or greater and a 320x320 pixel display. It comes with a free trial that only includes the roster and schedule for the Atlanta Braves. The full version includes all teams and sells for $10.00.

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Nice program with one small problem

mbgrayson @ 4/4/2006 12:44:31 AM # Q
I love baseball and went ahead and purchased this program.

The schedule module seems good, with selectable time zones. The rosters are fairly up to date, although they are NOT the final 25 man rosters.

Also, the payroll information is last years, and the list has last years players for each team. This is annoying if there has been a lot of turnover on your favorite team.

Overall, I would rate this 3 out of 5.


RE: Nice program with one small problem
Toysoft @ 4/4/2006 12:55:52 PM # Q
the rosters was updated last week so any trades are not included. we will update the roster soon.

to correct the requirement. It is for PalmOS 3.0 and higher.

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I'm an Atlanta Braves Fan!

Nusm @ 4/4/2006 11:35:24 AM # Q
Does that mean the program is essentially free to me?!?

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How About Adding W/L info?

beboscott @ 4/4/2006 4:09:52 PM # Q
The schedule is nice, but I've got other ways of gettting that into my Palm. What would be great is if this program would somehow allow your computer to access the scores and won/lost status of each game while online and they sync that info with your handheld via HotSync, thus displaying the records of each team and keeping an archive of the results of each game that you can view as you scroll back through the schedule.
RE: How About Adding W/L info?
jdfdc7 @ 4/4/2006 5:50:02 PM # Q
Having all the basic stats and standing, accessed via hotsync and wifi internet would make this a hot palm program for baseball fans.

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