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Palm Tungsten T5 SD card slot repairChuck Graf wrote in about a howto repair guide he crated for the Palm Tungsten T5 handheld.

Chuck's SD slot broke when he accidentally yanked out the Palm Wi-Fi SD card, instead of pushing it in to eject the card. He has posted a T5 card slot repair guide online for anyone who comes across the same issue and feel's like doing their own warranty void'n repairs.

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I did this for my Memory Stick Slot on my UX50 as well.

Jamerican @ 5/11/2006 7:54:51 AM # Q
I created a instruction on how to fix the Memory Stick issue on the UX. The UX spring did not mess up, but instead, the Memory Stick stuck to far out of the slot. Once the device was placed in your pocket, the stick would come out of the slot. Annoyed by this, I removed the spring mechanism on my device and added tape (and later index card) to the stick to make it easier to pull out. Worked like a charm.


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SD key mechanism

gjs @ 5/11/2006 9:50:38 AM # Q
Just curious ...

Has anyone seen (or intuited) the mechanism that prevents the SD card from being inserted backwards. I'm guessing it involves the SD card's missing corner. However when (gently) attempting to insert the card backwards, it feels impeded on the side of the missing corner. (I was expecting it to be blocked on the other side because that is where I thought the mechanism for detecting the missing corner was.)

- greg

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