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Ludus Tech has released the first utility specifically designed for the Palm Treo 700p. LudasP is an app that allows you to fully customize the behavior of the application and phone buttons on the 700p. It enables you to set the home button to your own preferred launcher, adds an all in one phone button and customize which key is used for the menu and also allows you to set default actions for the app buttons.

LudasP is available now with a seven day free trial, after that is costs $5 USD if you want to keep it.

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Very Cool App and Worth the Price...

ScottG @ 6/1/2006 5:41:33 PM # Q
I just love this App, I was so upset about the buttons being rearranged - It is very hard to get use to. This is a great fix to put it all back to the way the 650 was.

:-) THANKS!!


RE: Very Cool App and Worth the Price...
joad @ 6/1/2006 11:12:45 PM # Q if we could only get it back to the way the Treo 600 was: 4 application hardware buttons, and a completely dedicated on/off/network button on top.

RE: Very Cool App and Worth the Price...
hoodoo @ 6/2/2006 4:25:57 PM # Q

Since you apparently have your hands on a 700p, how about some sort of comment/ review?

It's amazing that utilities are released before the actual units!

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REVIEW ? You Got It!!! And this is just the beginning...

ScottG @ 6/2/2006 9:54:57 PM # Q
First the 700P is really fast on the internet, far faster then I thought it would be. I'm getting a little over 400Kbs with the Power Vision Service at $25.00 month with Sprint. The sending of files, and or Uploading seems the same speed (SLOOOOW) I would expect this to be faster - This is something i will take up with Sprint also. I don't really like what they have done to the Keys, where they are all moved around. Home is now on the Right, The Menu Key is in the lower Right Hand Corner. The Green Answer Button, does NOTHING at all but Answer the Phone - That's Frustrating. The Number Pad has the "0" Zero shifted to the Left a little bit, I keep hitting the space bar instead. As for the functions of the Phone almost everything else is about the same, Plus having 60+ MB's to use internal is out of this world. I'm finding that quite a bit of my applications are having many problems. This really bothers me because I really have built up a nice expensive collection of Apps for the Treo650 that should move to the 700P without any problems - Which is not the case at all. In fact I had just purchased the DOC to Go 8.001 for $50.00, and now it is Free on the 700P and works perfect. A big issue that I'm really annoyed with is my SnapperMail Premiere 2.0 is very sluggish on the 700P vs. the 650. I have been sent an update for me to try from SnapperMail. This update is a little faster now. The problem you see is when you open up the first E-Mail that was received. this takes a full 3 seconds to display the Text Email file. They said they're aware of this and will continue to look into this too, one suggestion was made by them - It maybe the 700P is Slower for transferring files from the internal RAM to the Ultra2 SD Card (I don't buy into that at all)

The Screen is MUCH Brighter then the 650 - I'm so excited with this 700P that I just started to put a Quick WebSite together and post all of this on it with pictures. ALL my Treo Gear from the 650 fit with the 700P no problems at all. The 700 looks the same except for the bottom taper, and the batter cover back is a little different shape on the sides now - This does cause a problem with my SEIDIO Battery Cover that has the reset hole in it, so doesn't fit anymore (I like the goofy stuff). The side Buttons are much more flushed which is a nice addition over the sharp edge side buttons on the 650.

SMS - This is completely redone, and done nicely I have to say. It now searches the Address book and displays the Name instead of the Number. This makes it easier to see who is the recipients verse just a number (I cant begin to tell you how may goofs I've sent out on SMS including the wrong person in a group list) This makes the SMS feel more like an E-Mail Application too. The Picture Mail also has a facelift adding easier ways to bring in Pictures, and Voice recordings to send out with the SMS too. It also has this cool item to upload right to CEIVA. This lets you send you photos to the "worldís only Digital Photo Receiver." "This digital photo frame automatically receives and displays photos in a new digital slide show every day. Itís not a computer, itís not a picture frame, itís a living window into your very mobile life. Send pictures instantly from your Sprint camera phone or from your online Picture Mail." I found other options build right into Picture Mail in addition to the CEIVA. There is also a way to upload your photos right to FujiFilm and then have it find a local pickup to your location to get the prints! Now I have seen it all, I setup up one and there's no minimum order for prints - A 4x6 is 0.19 Cents each! That a Deal for sending this right from the phone. There is also another call MyFoodPhone for pictures and 256 letter input, I will figure this one out later. I guess it's something like SplashBlog which I use everyday and there is no charge except for the one time purchase with storage of 500 pictures and your own site.

BlueTooth - Well anyone that was using the DUN feature on the Treo 650 with Sprints Data unlimited plan - Kiss it goodbye!!! They got smart to us and completely removed this from the Treo 700P system. Now you can use this as a Modem, but only after you BUY a $39.99 a month Modem package that is unlimited for usage. I have to say I was one of the ones running around flashing the ROM to get the Hack into the 650 so I could surf the internet from my Mac PowerBook over BlueTooth - Yeah Big Deal... I think I used it 3 times in a year, 2 of which was to prove to a Mac Hater this can be done in OSX and BlueTooth.

CityID app, also messes up the Database Phone Caller ID's like RingoPro does. (I'm still waiting on a reply from Electronic Pocket on this problem with RingoPro. Plus I was having a killer time making my own RingTones using a Mac program called Voice Candy from (potionfactory Dot com). So RingoPro better fix this soon.

I did find a supper bad BUG related to RINGOPRO 4.4, when you get a call from anyone in you phone book. it always says Unknown Caller, The problem is coming from the Address book when a number is entered in as 123-555-1212. The "-" Dash in the number is causing the problem. The Fix I though was to go into every Name and remove the "-" from the number, then this works the right way sort of. This is a nightmare when you have a list of 500 Address plus. This was not an issue on the Treo 650 at all - If I disable the RingoPro 4.4 on the 700P, then the Caller ID works again.

I also found that the NEW BackupBuddy.Net will not backup on the 700P, but does on the 650. I continue to get a signal strengh Errors, when I have a Max Signal -- Their Support is looking into this for me. Their Support is FAST to send me back little patched upgrades, I like this. At least I know they are working on this. Right now as it stands I've had 3 Patched versions, all with different problems. As it stands right now, Support says "It looks like you and a few other 700P users are getting timeouts when backing up a single database called ContactsDB-PAdd. Do you have any way of pulling that database off of your Treo and sending it to me so I can try it here on the simulator?" and "Here is a special version that backs up all of the PIM data except Contacts. Can you try this and see if everything works correctly if we skip your contacts? Obviously this is not a solution. Just a test to try to track down the issue." I have had a few more builds from them to address this, they were able to get this working for the 700P, but now everything else crashes on the 700P with the Errors:

A reset was caused on 5/31/06 at 8:58pm while running "Camera";
SystemCompatibility.c,Line:637,NULL handle

I have to remove the BB.Net App, and then and only then does the Phone and the Camera, Address book start to work again. They continue to look into this for me. I can tell you what a great group of Support Tech's they have there.

I have the Handmark Express Yearly service on the Treo 650, but this is replaced by an App on the 700P called OnDemand. I looks the same, but some confusion on if I have to pay extra for this on top of the increase for the Power Vision package to $25.00 with Sprint.

Sprint TV, is different - Not what I was expecting. I was hoping it would be more like the MobiTV package, I think I will need to go back to that too at the Monthly service of $9.99... The up charge of this Sprint TV, doesn't really give you anything at all. just some prerecorded Streams, and that's it - I need t0 call Sprint on this and figure out what is up with this coasting even more money now to watch Sprint TV.

I do like what they did with the Camera at 1280x1024 and the Software that drives it looks much better now. Some concern on this is, I also have SplashPhoto. In this App it has it's own camera setting, and something odd where I have a Setting for the Camera "High Quality" in which the Quality of the Photo rivals the one taken by the Treo700 Camera Application. I also found that this SplashPhoto image only goes to 1280x980 - Kind of strange too. The built in Camera application takes a picture between 184k to 488k is the Max I have found that it can do. SplashPhoto takes the same Photo of the same subject and lighting, and it looks even better - but the SplashPhoto is saving the file as a 1.1Mb to 1.4Mb file size.

I will be doing a lot more testing on this in the next couple of days. It was well worth the upgrade. I did take 4 calls to Sprint to get this switched from the 650 to the 700P, I don't know why that was the case - But it's working now.

Look if you have the money, this is worth the upgrade from the 650 or even the 600's that I saw once at the Smithsonian - LOL

If you need to be the talk of the office, this will surely get you noticed. Maybe you want to live on the Bleeding Edge of the technology. What ever your reason, you deserve it and I assure you that you will be walking a little taller with this strapped to your side. Oh did I mention, mine was a Gift :-)

Scott Gross


Actually, DUN over BT is supposed to be 'free' ...
jeffreytz @ 6/3/2006 2:36:23 AM # Q
Scott, good comments on the 700p vs. 650. I've been living with my new Sprint 700p since Tuesday and I love it, but it's been challenging ;)

Regarding your comment on DUN, you actually are supposed to still be able to use it, it's not gone. I thought it had been removed as well when there was no DUN setting on the Bluetooth setup screen, but actually what's happened is they finally "fixed" the BT utility so you no longer have to turn DUN on or off - it automatically selects the setting based on what your connecting to. Or at least its supposed to. I paired my 700p with my Fujitsu laptop that I used BT DUN via my 650 previously. It paired fine, and when I tried to "dial" via the 700p the little BT icon switched to the "computer" icon just like when DUN is turned "on" on the 650. Unfortunatly even though the computer and 700p were "connected", the PC couldn't "dial" the #777 number. Not sure what the glitch here is, but on-line reviews I've read say the BT stack supports DUN (but at reduced speeds) without the "phone as modem" plan. I also found a greatly expanded Sprint Treo 700p guide via google (like 4 times bigger than the manual that comes in the box!) and it has a whole section on setting up the DUN via BT (different than via the Sprint Connection software, which gives faster speeds but for a price). I got on the phone with Sprint tech support but after 20 minutes on hold for the "special" 700p support person I hung up (was in a hurry, plan to try again tomorrow).

Has anyone figured out what the difference between the Sprint Power Vision plans are? There are $15 (access), $20 (plus) and $25 (ultimate) plans, and from the website it looks like you should get more TV channels with each plan, but you actually don't. From what I can tell, you merely get the "privilage" of paying for more SprintTV channels with those packages. According to tech support, you can't buy the $7.95 Sprint Ultimate Channel 50 unless you have the Ultimate plan. Why? Seems stupid; maybe you're buying the "bandwidth" to have the right to buy those channels? It's really strange and confusing. And why is there an option for MobiTV? When you go to buy the Ultimate channel the description says "powered by MobiTV" but it doesn't use the MobiTV app, it uses the Kinoma streaming player. The channel selection on Ultimate seems better to me than Mobi's, so I'm deleting that app and just using the built-in streaming video player.

I'm trying it out and while the quality of the streaming video is good, I can't see myself using it much and will probably cancel it after the first month and just get the "access" plan (especially since the $3.95 extra fee for Adult Swim only contains 1 to 2 minute clips from Sealab 2010 & Robot Chicken instead of streaming an entire show).

I'm also dissapointed the new Power Vision plans don't include SMS messages, those have to be bought seperatly (my old "picture pack" for $10 had unlimited internet and 100 SMS messages a month).

I've been a palm user since the original Pilot so I too have tons of applications, and most of these have made the transition over to the 700p without incident. I did have a lockup during the initial install which then caused an issue with the drivers, and the only solution I could figure out was to delete the "new" palm directory and re-install, which then lost the ability to transfer my programs/settings from my 650 on the initial sync - so I've had to re-load every program from scratch (sigh ... but I'm probaby better off in the long run).

mRing 650 doesn't work on the 700p, but probably only because it checks to see if its runinng on a 650 - I expect this will be patched pretty quickly. Zlauncher works but won't map to the new Home button, but that's fixed with Ludusp so not really an issue (ZZtech says they're working on it, though).

I'm a bit vexed by Documents to Go being burned into the ROM - what about updates? What happens when DTG 9 comes out? All the "new" built-in apps seem much better, though, i.e. improved photo software (although its still slow, and like you I also use SplashPhoto), the horrid RealPlayer is gone and I'm actually liking the pTunes app better than my 4 year old favorite Aeroplayer. Files is a freebie "explorer" program but it only reads the SD card and you can't delete a directory, you have to whack it file by file (no thanks).

I thought OnDemand would be a waste (I had checked out the Handago version of this a while back and was unimpressed), but it seems for free that I like it a lot better :) The TV Guide alone is worth the 10 seconds it takes to enter your zipcode for the setup (although has anyone figured out how to get the damn app to store its data on the memory card instead of in the onboard memory?).

VeriChat seems to have an issue staying connected if other apps or SMS messages pop over the line, looks like it needs some tweaking for the 700p, but it works if you just go into the app and start IMing someone.

I was relieved my TomTom Navigator software worked straight from the SD card (it installed its little launcher program automatically) and its working great with the palmGPS BT unit. Actually all the BT stuff is working *much* better than with the 650 (other than the dialing issue for DUN).

I gotta admit, I realy *hate* the new button layout. I keep turning the phone off when I think I'm hitting the menu button (I guess I use the menus a lot!). Although its nice you can hit the Apps button and it turns the Treo on now (the 650 one didn't). Other than that, I like the new keyboard and the signal/reception seems better than the 650.

I know most of this sounds "negative" but I'm just pointing out the glitches and things I don't like - please understand that overall I *LOVE* my 700p, for the most part it's exactly what I wanted in an upgrade to the 650 and most functions/features are working as good or better than expected, especially the web browser.

Here's the 'big' Sprint 700p manual
jeffreytz @ 6/3/2006 3:53:12 AM # Q

Duh, it was in the Owner Resources on Palm's website :) The BT DUN setup starts on page 178.

This is a pretty good manual - it's the only documentation, for example, that explains how the indicator light now works on the Treo 700p (on the 650 it blinked green constantly when you were in network; now it only blinks green if you have a message or alert awaiting your attention, otherwise its off unless charging or if the battery is nearly dead. I'd rather it did the orange solid light like Butler, but its better out of the box than the 650!).


OK, I stand corrected :)
jeffreytz @ 6/5/2006 2:45:32 AM # Q
Spent a lot of time with Sprint's 700p tech support over the weekend trying to iron out the issue with SprintTV, and while doing that I asked about the BT DUN, was it "free" or does it require a Phone As Modem (PAM) plan? As Scott says, it absolutly requires the PAM plan for an *extra* $39.95 a month. I only need it a couple of times a month at best, so I found a hack on one of the other palm websites and it workes beautifully.

I finally got my answer (and fix!) on the different Sprint Power Vision plans: tech support confirmed that YES, you do get all those channels listed on the website as part of your Power Vision Ultimate subscription plan ($25/month), and after a ticket was issued it now shows up without my paying the additional $7.95 a month for SprintTV Ultimate (channel 50).

HOWEVER, all is not rosey: now nearly all the channels within Ultimate "time out" whenever I try to access them. Only a few work from time to time; I can't get any of the sports feeds to work, for example. About the only thing that does work is Fox News Live.

Sprint Network support has called back a couple of times but nothing fixed there yet. We'll see how it goes, but I'll probably just revert to the cheaper data access plan with no "TV" if its going to be this problamatic.


RE: REVIEW ? You Got It!!! And this is just the beginning...
joad @ 6/6/2006 12:16:54 PM # Q
"I found a hack (for PAM) on one of the other palm websites and it workes beautifully."

Care to elaborate on this?

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Using It...

wooly @ 6/13/2006 3:59:13 PM # Q
This is a great application for the $$. Downloaded and am using it right now. Excellent.

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