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LightWav Pro - Treo mp3 ringtoneLightWav Pro is a custom Treo ringtone and picture/video ID manager from ToySoft. It has a number of detailed calling features that allow you to create custom mp3/ogg/wav ringtones, assign custom picture caller ID and Video caller ID and caller ID and SMS blocking. It is also the only program that offers full screen picture caller ID. This new version includes and improved main interface, new ringtone and category options, better 5-way and keyboard shortcuts and other bug fixes and improvements.

LightWav Pro v1.6 is available now with a free trial. It sells for $24.95 USD. It is currently on sale for $22.95 until June 16th.

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Glen H @ 6/2/2006 3:18:30 PM # Q
Don't bother with this program if you have Sprint or Verizon. The one unique thing about this (as opposed to Ringo) is the ability to have a video right? It only works on GSM phones. They don't bother telling you this up front, you gotta read the manual.

Whew...I almost bought it.

RE: Lightwave
Toysoft @ 6/2/2006 6:43:56 PM # Q
If you want real videotones like AVI movies than take a look at VidoeTones

Lightwav only supports 3gp movies on the GSM phone.

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