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CallRec vs. mVoice ShootoutIn this article PIC reviewer Kris Keilhack takes a look at two of the most popular phone call recording programs for Palm OS Treos. Kris does a full on shootout between CallRec and mVoice, comparing and contrasting each programs functionality and performance on the Treo. Both programs allow you to record and capture your phone conversations to .wav files on an SD card, and are also good for taking down quick voice memos. Read on for the full CallRec vs. mVoice shootout...
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Good stuff Kris

LiveFaith @ 9/12/2006 10:43:22 PM # Q
Nice commentary and research. I use CallRec 3.0 and now 3.1, and it has been veeeery useful on almost a daily basis. I've not noticed any stammering issues on my 650, but my longer ones are usually just VR with everything else off.

Thanks for taking the time to write.

Pat Horne

RE: Good stuff Kris
hkklife @ 9/12/2006 10:48:39 PM # Q
Thanks for the compliment, Pat. As I mentioned before, I just use the regard Palm VR app for doing actual voice memos. However, I noticed little if any skipping/stuttering when using either of these apps for straightup voice memo recording. It's just when trying to record while the phone is active that things get very f-f-f-f-l-a-a-a-ky. F-flaky.

With the extra memory available on the 700P it's almost be nice if you could just record straight into available RAM and THEN, upon conclusion of the recording session, dump the file onto SD.

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RE: Good stuff Kris
freakout @ 9/13/2006 12:12:34 AM # Q
^^ Callrec used to have the option for saving to internal memory in an earlier version, when I first tried it. (v1 i think) It was clear as a bell. When recording to SD it exhibited the static/skipping problem mentioned in the review, but to a much greater extent. So from the sounds of things they are slowly improving.

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Why can't Palm have a built-in MP3 recorder?

The_Voice_of_Reason @ 9/12/2006 10:38:44 PM # Q
I had the old version of CallRec on my Treo 700p (I believe it could also automatically record conversations) but removed it within a couple of days. Poor sounding recordings and it caused a few crashes when I used it. No thanks - simply Not Ready For Prime Time.

My 2 year old iRiver iFP-799 (best MP3 player ever made) can record incredibly clear conversations direct to MP3 format (Secret: files merely have to be re-labelled with the MP3 extension), so why can't we get a Treo that has the same capability? I would pay $25 for an app that records in MP3 format, but I refuse to pay for a betaware WAV format recorder. It's funny to see these guys asking almost as much for these two crappy apps as Pimlico does for the brilliant DateBk6 ($27.95)


RE: Why can't Palm have a built-in MP3 recorder?
LiveFaith @ 9/14/2006 9:27:06 AM # Q
**Why can't Palm have a built-in MP3 recorder?**

A company spokesman says that it uses to much battery life. :-o

Pat Horne

RE: Why can't Palm have a built-in MP3 recorder?
Patrick @ 9/14/2006 1:44:44 PM # Q
>> A company spokesman says that it uses to much battery life. :-o

I suppose the same could be said of the PIM apps. I'm constantly using them, consuming lots and lots of battery.

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I would like to see a comparison with Audacity.

Terry Lee @ 9/14/2006 9:35:37 PM # Q
I have used both Audacity and mVoice and I think Audacity is far better. The main thing I like is that you can do so much with so few keystrokes. They also mentioned file size. The Audacity files are so much smaller than mVoice. Audacity has many more features and good audio quality. Audacity is all one-handed. You never have to touch the screen. I can do all my recordings without even looking at the screen or thinking about it. I can't do that with other recorders.
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Why not support the Treo 600?

Tamog @ 9/19/2006 3:17:53 PM # Q
most recent Treo apps are 650-only. Why cant developers go on supporting the Treo 600 or even just offer older versions for purchase...hmm!

But well, I may just get the m70 instead of the Treo Lowrider anyways

Best regards
Tam Hanna

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Card speed difference?

invknight @ 10/2/2006 1:27:27 PM # Q
Have a Treo 700p, used to have the same problem with my older SD card on Mvoice 4.5.4 in that the "stuttering" as I called it. I am in the legal field and have to record client conversation which are protected and since this is a one party state (IE: phone calls only require consent of one side for legal status). These conversations are necessary and I tell clients that I record these for accuracy and it helps in recording info from witnesses when you have had so many people either not remember, lie directly or say they thought it was something when it was something else... Additionally you can use this as a normal voice recorder and with it sitting there on the desk people do not notice it or think and the recordings were pretty good.

I originally had the 2GB Sandisk at 60X speed and that was a nightmare and had crashes, the "stuttering" and when I bought a 2GB 150x PQI SD card that improved things immediately and also have it set at 64KB/sec as it works perfectly with Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal Addition. I have tried the MVoice 5 and actually thought it was not as good as 4 since the higher recording quality could go up to 84KB/sec and the MVoice seemed not to have it.

What about Audacity or other third party programs - really interested in getting the best for recording. Also has anyone tried a 4gb SD on the Treo 700p?

RE: Card speed difference?
e_tellurian @ 10/2/2006 2:19:30 PM # Q
Privacy has a purpose.



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RE: Card speed difference?
macdaddinator @ 10/10/2006 8:41:58 PM # Q
Of course privacy has a purpose, but so does making recordings as the lawyer explained above. If (when) you need to retain a lawyer, do not be surprised to be recorded. It is a normal part of conducting legal business in this and many states.

FYI I do not believe 4GB cards will work on the Treo withgout a software update from Palm, as that is actually a different format from SD- it's "Secure Digital High Capacity " or "SDHD," and didn't exist when the original SD spec was created.

RE: Card speed difference?
xinvar @ 11/29/2006 12:03:20 PM # Q
My 700p uses a Transcend 150x 4G SD card with 3.5G of data/program in the card. No problem at all.

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Newbie 700p Expansion Card question

das555 @ 10/11/2006 7:04:49 PM # Q
I have a new 700P and would like to obtain a 2GB memory expansion card. Do I have to buy the Palm brand or will any SD card work. Any suggestions as to best performing? Thanks.

RE: Newbie 700p Expansion Card question
AdamaDBrown @ 10/11/2006 8:17:53 PM # Q
Any SD card will work. High speed cards don't provide enough of a performance boost to be worth the money.

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