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Yourcall - Palm OSiambic has released a new utility for the Palm OS Treo series. It is a tool that can capture your post-call dialogue and offers a variety of useful follow-up actions you can take after you hang up. It simplifies the steps you take to return calls, add contacts, schedule meetings, tasks, memos, e-mails, and SMS linked to your last telephone conversation by automating excess start-up steps. YourCall reminds you to input phone conversation details right after you hang up so you'll never forget what happened during the conversation.

YourCall is compatible with the Treo 650 and 700p. It sells for $9.95 and comes with a free trial.

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It should not have been released yet. It's not ready

pblevins @ 10/6/2006 9:16:32 PM # Q
This app lacks a lot. Firstly, it only activates about 70% of the time. No rhyme or reason to that. Secondly, YourCall could be so much improved by a few simple features.

When you export the log of the call to memopad, you don't have the option of setting a default category, like "Call Logs" for instance.

Even better would be a feature which sent the log to the Contact's note if the caller was recognized (the app does recognize contacts when they call). Keeping all of a contacts logs together would be great when referring back to previous conversations.

You can only enter the app after you finish a call, no activating it any other way (other than pulling up a VERY basic options screen).

I am excited about the concept of this program but it has a long way to go before I will pay.

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