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Mini-Keyboard - Palm OS SoftwareANIMATORsoft's Mini-Keyboard has just been updated. The program provides a large on-screen virtual thumboard for entering text in most applications. The Mini-Keyboard has a QWERTY layout with large keys, it can also be customized with many European language layouts. It is triggered as a pop-up window and can be used with a variety of applications, like Memos, Calendar, Tasks, Mail, SMS, as well as with any third-party software that has user regular text input fields. The typing can be done with stylus, one hand, two hands or a finger.

The latest updates include improved audio and visual feedback, OS integration reliability improvements and some bugfixes. It is compatible with most Palm OS 5 devices. The app comes with a free trial and costs $19.50 to register.

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Even better would be...

VampireLestat @ 10/5/2006 2:12:38 AM # Q
We need WordLogic for Palm OS.

RE: Even better would be...
dserodio @ 10/6/2006 11:07:50 AM # Q
I'd never heard of WordLogic, just seen the demo and it looks really cool. Personally, I use TextPlus; it's not as powerful as WordLogic but it does speed up text entry.

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