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New ACCESS logoACCESS today unveiled a new brand identity, corporate logo and global website. In addition, the company has announced that itís wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., has started the process to begin transitioning its company name to ACCESS.
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Access Co, the 2006 version of Palm Inc of 1992.

VampireLestat @ 10/12/2006 2:41:43 AM # Q
I wish Access all the best.
Their new ALP based on Linux will leverage the Linux community of developers and supporters of both commercial and open source communities.

With Palm Inc's increasing focus on WM and Treo phones, I would welcome new ALP licensees to restore a healthy competition that would drive innovation in both the OS and hardware industry.

From Access: "...our company values of total customer satisfaction, integrity, innovation, excellence and openness,Ē Arakawa added.

God bless the Japanese, the new Americans.

RE: Access Co, the 2006 version of Palm Inc of 1992.
VampireLestat @ 10/12/2006 2:50:36 AM # Q
And if we are lucky, Access will sell both OS licenses and devices.

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vocaro @ 10/12/2006 4:01:51 AM # Q
"itís wholly owned subsidiary" --> "its wholly owned subsidiary"
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ALP success = Ease of development

DJS_TX @ 10/12/2006 9:28:48 AM # Q
Pure opinion, so smack me down if I am wrong.

A big factor in ALP success is going to be how easy it is for amateur and hobbyist programmers. Symbian is an awesome platform with incredible potential but it is a PITA for Joe Average to develop simple programs.

Palm succeeded in small part because anybody could develop simple applications with much learning curve. WM is succeeding by leveraging its desktops tools and market dominance to make WM fairly easy to develop for (if not cheap).

So please access, keep the learning curve relatively shallow. Easy to develop encourages innovation.


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New Logo

theog @ 10/12/2006 10:53:41 AM # Q
The new logo reminds me of something going under water. Yes, access has taken on Palm's problems and will continue to sink. I do hope they make their money back from the deal.

This is all a freakin nightmare... please, someone kick me... no new PDAs....

What a bad week.... I'm wore down...

Vote for John Kerry... best man for the job.

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Palm is dead, long live Access.

angerson @ 10/13/2006 11:43:13 AM # Q
I stopped reading PIC way back when Palm still owned its namesake operating system. How the times have changed. Access now owns the Palm OS, Palm now runs Windows Mobile and no longer makes handhelds. Treos haven't changed at all (except in color).

I think any of us could have seen the writing on the wall a few years back. I'm just not sure we could have expected things to be this, well, pathetic. Perhaps Palm should have surrendered when Microsoft fired that proverbial warning shot across its bow. Instead they've abandoned their ship and have been floating around the open seas on a life raft reminding the world that they still exist. It's almost embarrassing really.

Nevertheless I wish Access all the best. After a decade with Palm, I've since moved to the Windows platform so I won't be using their products, but a part of me will always have a soft-spot for the remnants of the Palm OS.

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