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Hot on the heels of the Treo 680 rollout, Palm has announced their new advertising firm as San Franciso-based Young and Rubicam, replacing AQKA.

Palm announced on Thursday a major initiative to target individual consumers with the new Treo 680 smartphone. Accompanying this new hardware is a new ad campaign warchest rumored to be in the neighborhood of $20-$25 million, up from the previous year's $15 million. Read on for upcoming example advertisements.

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They might get sued over the Google expression.

VampireLestat @ 10/16/2006 10:02:27 PM # Q
Uh oh... one of their ads says "go places, google things". :-(

Didn't the Washington Post just get sued over using the expression "to google something"?

RE: They might get sued over the Google expression.
Gekko @ 10/16/2006 10:29:25 PM # Q

prior permission, silly.

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'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'

Gekko @ 10/16/2006 10:27:46 PM # Q

I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
VampireLestat @ 10/16/2006 10:33:38 PM # Q
ah yes, I see, they are partnered with Google.

You like what? The ads?

The ads are good. I am wondering why Palm never put so much heart, money and effort to advertize handhelds when they were 80% of their business.

Does remember ANY handheld TV, newspaper, mainstream non-Internet ad from Palm, ever? Not me.

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
VampireLestat @ 10/16/2006 10:36:15 PM # Q
"even a caveman can use it". Is that an official Palm slogan or your joke?

It's almost saying to its customers, "even the idiots among you can use our Treo". But I like the phrase regardless lol

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
hkklife @ 10/16/2006 11:10:56 PM # Q
The nude lady holding the Palm V is the ONLY Palm ad that sticks in my mind. Well, that and some in-store advertising in Egghead & Circuit City right when the Pilots first launched in '96.

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RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
SeldomVisitor @ 10/17/2006 6:27:30 AM # Q
You mean the Subject =isn't= a joke!!?

I thought it was some wag's back-handed reference to PALM's technology level...

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
mikecane @ 10/17/2006 7:37:40 PM # Q
Gekko: That cracked me up.

I see some people must be skipping the ads on TV...

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
Gekko @ 10/17/2006 8:43:26 PM # Q

I didn't think watched or even owned a TV?

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
dkirker @ 10/18/2006 1:59:16 AM # Q
Yes, I remember a few Palm ads. One was at a Giants game at Pac Bell Park (when it was Pac Bell Park, before AT&T Park). It was of the Tungsten W, with a screen shot of the PalmSource Web Browser 2 (a good example of "false screenshotting"). Another was the Treo ad that aired on TV a couple of years ago. I also remember downloading an ad from Palm's website when the m505/m515 were hot ticket handhelds (got that ad to play on my IIIc).

I am actually glad that Palm is bringing back some ads. It kind of reminds me of the "good ol' days" (back when the m505/m515 was popular and the Tungsten series was hitting the market).

Also, I think the "Do you like it?" refers to the 680 (which my answer is, despite me being a power user, yes!).

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
InsGuy @ 10/18/2006 4:44:32 PM # Q

I like it! I know what commercials you are referring to, even if others apparently don't watch TV.

Good one!

All good things...

RE: 'Treo: So easy, even a caveman can use it!'
hkklife @ 10/18/2006 5:02:00 PM # Q
Good ol' days? In 2001/2002 the dark clouds were already on Palm's horizon (amidst gold-threaded suits). Their unsold Vx & IIIc inventory was piling up and the overpriced & underspec'd VII/i705 series weren't going over too well with business users. The m500s were suffering from delayed availability after the announcement, SUDS, USA vs. Hungary origins and any number of other issues.

The good ol' days for Palm really ended in 1999 or 2000 when the Palm V's ironclad grip on the market started weakening after the first iPaqs arrived on the scene. The appearance of Sony's Clies and the HS Visor line didn't help matters.

No, I actually think the "2nd golden era" of Palm was in late 2003 or so...they had a pretty strong lineup of handhelds, the T3 was, and still is, a superb unit for the $, the T|E was released at an attractive pricepoint, and they were preparing for the Handspring/Troe acquisition. Of course this just lasted a few quarters until the NVFS/T5/Treo 650/PalmSource /PalmOne name change series of debacles.

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Ad Campaign

surfmaniac @ 10/16/2006 10:58:21 PM # Q
Told you.

It''s a little reminiscent of the famous 'train' ad for the classic Palm V.

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Advertising: $25,000,000, R&D: $0

Gekko @ 10/16/2006 11:20:57 PM # Q

Losing Marketshare: PRICELESS.

RE: Advertising: $25,000,000, R&D: $0
zuhmir @ 10/17/2006 9:53:02 AM # Q
I agree!
but there is no other way... people hate commercials yet buy only advertised products.
most people are therefore a walking paradox!

RE: Advertising: $25,000,000, R&D: $0
dkirker @ 10/17/2006 6:45:35 PM # Q
For me, at least, I don't like the over use of forced advertising. An example is television. You watch a 1 minute show intro, 5 minute add, 5-10 minute show, 5 minute add, and so on every 5-10 minutes of show. This bugs me, and thus I hate TV ads with a burning passion. On the other hand, I enjoy newspaper ads (esp. from well known newspapers such as the New York Times or the San Francisco Chronicle). The reason for this is, if I see an ad that I like, I can stop and enjoy it (or if I see one I want to make fun of, like a recent Windows Mobile ad in the NYT about ignoring email from anywhere, I can stop and do so). If I am not in an ad looking mood, I can skip them, unlike the TV.

I actually am glad that Palm is getting back into the advertising sector.

To the poster who asked about seeing any Palm ads ever. Yes, I have seen a few. One was at a Giants game at Pac Bell Park (when it was Pac Bell Park, before AT&T Park). It was of the Tungsten W, with a screen shot of the PalmSource Web Browser 2 (a good example of "false screenshotting").

RE: Advertising: $25,000,000, R&D: $0
mikecane @ 10/17/2006 7:39:11 PM # Q
You can thank the gutless FCC for the plague of ads.

It used to be EIGHT MINUTES PER HOUR in the 1960s, when the FCC was staffed by people with brains and TV licenses were actually *held* in the Public Interest.

RE: Advertising: $25,000,000, R&D: $0
Gekko @ 10/17/2006 8:52:27 PM # Q

Gutless FCC? They had enough guts to chase Howard Stern off of the air.

RE: Advertising: $25,000,000, R&D: $0
mikecane @ 10/18/2006 11:01:27 AM # Q
Chase?! He was lured with a half a billion bucks.

Besides, that's language. When it comes to stemming the tide of rampant commercialism, the FFC rolls over.

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freakout @ 10/17/2006 5:34:37 AM # Q
Still under construction, and you've already started rolling out the ads?

That's a bit silly...

I apologise for any and all emoticons that appear in my posts. You may shoot them on sight.
Treo 270 ---> Treo 650

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It's about time!

maceyr @ 10/17/2006 10:54:20 AM # Q
It's about time that they start coming out with some cool ads. Just waiting for them to roll out. I've been saying that they have to bring back those cool ads and ramp up the marketing campaign. Maybe they've finally listened. This is gonna be cool.
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Palm Politics

Alpha1220 @ 10/17/2006 12:51:49 PM # Q
For some reason, when I first saw the headline, I thought it read "Young Republicans" I guess that's what 24/7 news penetration can do to you ... no pun intended.

RE: Palm Politics
hkklife @ 10/17/2006 1:49:31 PM # Q
Uh oh, you said "24/7 penetration"....Prepare for a TVoR assault on your hiney! ;-)

In all fairness, I think the initial stuff we've seen makes much better usage of the new orange color scheme & branding than earlier efforts this year and last year after the name change.

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RE: Palm Politics
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 10/17/2006 9:39:28 PM # Q
Did someone say "penetration"???

Heh heh heh...

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Respinning the same ol' **** isn't enough

hkklife @ 10/17/2006 11:40:50 AM # Q
While the new marketing push is a positive sign, there are simply several things that dumbphone consumers are NOT going to accept from a Treo, no matter how low the cost.

#1 Lack of STANDARD voice dialing. The Treo Voice Dial from Palm, despite being developed by Voice Signal (who have the same software on numerous other manufacturers' handsets) sucks infinitely worse than the same program did on my Moto RAZR. Why? I have no idea. The insane lag doesn't help either. Asking customers to pay $20 to register something for their $600 Treo that's standard on freebie dumbphones is beyond comprehension.

#2 Lack of RELIABLE Bluetooth headset connectivity. It's bad enough there's no standard voice dialing on the Treos. But the lack of BT voice dialing just adds insult to injury. Is this a FrankenGarnet OS limitation or just Palm being lazy? My RAZR did this flawlessly and I never even bothered to train it. It's hilarious to see Palm issuing a press release touting that safe driving initiative in California yet they are the cellphone handset company MOST CLEARLY in the stone age. Sad, sad, sad.

#3 Lack of fullsize button. I don't know how Palm's going to overcome this without a huge FF redesign but it's a biggie. This is probably the #1 complaint I've heard--that the Treo is impossible to touch dial. Since it'll likely be impossible to satisfy everyone (the conventional 12-key phone pad fans & the mini qwerty thumboard fans) with one candybar FF, a 2nd Treo formfactor, a flip design along the lines of the classic Samsung i500/i550 should be developed ASAP.

#4. The SSS (small square screen) syndrome. 'Nuff said. Simply put, Palm must either release a cellular-enabled TX style handheld that omits voice functionality enntirely *OR* release a 320*480 Treo with voice that omits most of the hard buttons save the standard Palm PDA layout. Either one is better than squinting at the Treo's 320*320 screen.

#5 The worst of both worlds syndrome. Compared to a T3, T5, TX or even the LifeDrive (specs & features, not actual performane) the Treo is lacking as a PDA. Memory is still an issue for many on the 700p, especially if they are come from a TX or a Zodiac 2 like I did. As a phone the Treo feels more primitive than the handset I was using in 2001 (Moto V60c) with its absent/crippled voice dialing, weak battery life, nearly-useless Bluetooth, and miserable RF performance. Palm could at least address a few of our complaints in the existing Treo 680 FF by shoring up the BT performance, getting better performing GSM & CDMA chipsets, including a high capacity battery like Seidio's 2400mah one as standard, and including a 3.5mm headphone jack. Having a small internal flash storage space like the T5 wouldn't hurt either (256mb-1gb is fine).

Until the majority of the issues above have been addressed, the "average" Joe six-pack consumer will NOT take a Treo seriously, no matter how low they price it. And I've only addressed usability and technical complaints. There's NO way Palm can compete for $ with slim, stylish, and nearly indestrucable offerings like Sanyo's Katana, Samsung's A900 Blade, Motorola's phenomenal KRZR, SCPL, and Ve/RAZR MAXX lineup if that's all the phone buyer cares about. Customers are now spoiled in this day of free w/ contract RAZRs. Anything much larger or pricier is going to be perceived as dorky, uncool, too bulky, and overpriced.


Palm would be wise to partner with Motorola/Samsung etc. and developed one or two slim new PDAs with killer featuresets. Key to this would with instant, painfree, and foolproof BT pairing & contact transfer via BT (ALL profiles supported) that's supported by ALL of the major TELCOS. Palm & their cellular partner could standardize on a unified charger/sync connector and market them as "Personal Phone Companions" or something. Of course the device would function just dandy as a conventional PDA as well. If a modern 320*480 color, wi-fi/BT versoin of the Visor EDGE was available in conjunction with a RAZR style phone and affordable DUN/data plans, you'd be surprised to see how many people would return to two separate devices, especially if small items like pigtail dual tip charger cords were made standard so a user could charge both devices at once. Palm would only have the minor inconvenience & expense of updating their PhoneLine software every month or two to keep up with new model introductions.

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RE: Respinning the same ol' **** isn't enough
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 10/17/2006 9:42:49 PM # Q

Especially about the importance of style, size and a new version of the Samsung i500. For 99.99% of customers, Treos ALREADY are capable enough. Palm needs to fix the problems with stability, size, phone operation and style before they do ANYTHING else.

If you've seen the upcoming 2007 Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson lineups you'll understand why the Treos don't stand a snowball's chance in he11 of competing with the Big Boys.


RE: Respinning the same ol' **** isn't enough
Gekko @ 10/17/2006 9:48:15 PM # Q

The majority of corporate users really don't care about any of this #1-5.

RE: Respinning the same ol' **** isn't enough
hkklife @ 10/17/2006 10:35:24 PM # Q
An ideal Palm Treo lineup (regardless of OS) would consist of the following:

#1. Entry level unit with the Treo 680's classic formfactor. Just make sure that all of the quirks are worked out and the battery last through a full workday. Also incorporate improved BT handset functionality & standard voice dialing into the mix no matter what it takes.

#2 Sleek & slim flip design Treo. This could have identical specs to the entry level device and just omit the thumbboard in favor of a Samsing i550-style design. Use either a small virtual graffiti area for input or just do a lot of typing on the 12-key conventional phone pad. Either way this would be for those that value phone performance and size/looks over multimedia features and data input while on the go. It is crucial that voice functional be super strong on this particular Treo.

#3. A traditional TX-sized tablet 320*480 unit. This one's specs can be up in the air--either make it a cellular data/wi-fi dual mode unit witn no voice functionality or a dta-centric design like the T|W with ellular & BT radios. Either way this model would need to have (in addition to the aforementioned 320*480 screen & wi-fi) an internal flash storage drive and a 3.5mm headphone jack. This would be THE Treo to win over the PDA diehards. This is the one Treo where voice functionality can & should take a backeat to data.

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RE: Respinning the same ol' **** isn't enough
Tamog @ 10/22/2006 2:13:17 PM # Q
anyone cares to look at GSPDA?

They have a flip, they do candybar, etc. It looks like a mayor american Palm blog needs to start blogging about those ****ers to make sales peak...hmm, I should have 300$ somewhere(world changer attitude wakes up in me)...

Best regards
Tam Hanna

Find out more about the Palm OS in my blog:

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Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.

The_Voice_of_Reason @ 10/17/2006 9:48:43 PM # Q
Accompanying this new hardware is a new ad campaign warchest rumored to be in the neighborhood of $20-$25 million, up from the previous year's $15 million.

Sorry, but W T F were they buying with their previous $15 million dollar ad budget? It's sad to see Palm's management leeching MILLIONS of dollars per quarter from the company while their products were left to suffer without any real advertising support.

Then again, if this is the best copy a fancy, ultra-hip SF ad agency can come up with, maybe Colligan, Hawkins, et. al. WERE better off just pocketing the cash themselves.

It's painful to see Palm continue mismanaging itself into oblivion.

How hard would it be to put together a website and a few billboard ads showing what you can actually DO with a Treo or a Palm? How about actually showing it in action - showing how easy it is to look up info, download email, send SMS, use Google Maps, send photos, balance a checkbook, create shopping lists, etc? Palm should be pouding home the message OVER and OVER again that the Treo can DO so much more than a regular phone and make owning a Treo as "cool" as it used to be owning a RAZR (before every trailer trash hick in America got a "free" RAZR with their contract).

Before the bottom fell out of the PDA industry a few years ago Palm commissioned the following ad (that never ran):

This is probably FAR too abstract/soft-sell, but it would have been nice to see it at least on Palm's website. How much does it cost to HOST an ad you've already paid for?

Palm needs to sit down and THINK what message it wants to put out and then come up with a better way of communicating that massage. The billboards in airports were a good idea, but poorl-stocked Palm stores run by vapid 23 year olds that don't have a clue about the products they're supposed to be selling is a waste of resources. How hard would it have been to instead set up a number of kiosks in malls demonstrating what Palm's products can do? Have a PDA set up to beam trial versions of software to current Palm customers. Why not mail out a couple hundred thousand CDs containing an MPEG video of a Treo in action (minus the frequent crashes)? Come on Palm - this isn't (Jeff Hawkins-style) brain-science or rocket-surgery.

I have a nagging feeling that these new advertising dollars are about to be flushed down the same toilet that swallowed WeSync,, MultiMail, the Be purchase, the Tungsten W, etc. What a waste.


RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
hkklife @ 10/17/2006 11:58:21 PM # Q
Wow. I never saw/heard of that ad. Good find, Voice. Palm could easily take that same ad, get rid of the graffiti stroke sequence at the end, replace the logo and show a quick shot of a Treo 680/750 and still have a field day with it. Oh, it wouldn't hurt to have some young hipster wearing white earbuds and watching a MobiTV or something on their Treo as "enjoy your media" seems the only notable absence from that ad.

I imagine that ad would go over well in Europe, especially at the "upscale" clientele they are targeting with the 750v.

P.S. Where is Kent P./Foo Fighter these days? AdamaDBrown? Are all of the reputable names throwing in the towel these days or are they just lurking?

P.P.S. Does anyone have an edumacated guess as to how much it costs to develop, test, and issue a firmware/ROM update? There's beginning to be quite a loud rumble amongst the last of the POS faithful (ie frustrated 700p owners) about the lack of a ROM update to address the 700p's numerous bugs. It would behoove Palm to take some of that marketing & ad $ and shore up their current product line before people start taking their complaints to the carriers (Palm's TRUE masters & real customers).

P.P.P.S. You know what would be a SPLENDID idea--for Palm to partner with MobiTV or some similar outfit to have a free library of downloable public domain flicks (Night of the Living Dead, some old comedies) pre-formatted for Palm PDA & Treo devices. Maybe even offer a few full length "real" movies for purchase if the prices are right or give away a free copy of "Littel Black Book" that featured the T|C so prominently. A free 3208320 download of "Snakes on a Plane" for Treo 680 purchasers would create QUITE a stir IMO. I still maintain that Palm has not stressed the media capabilities of their devices strongly enough. Now that I have a 4gb SD card I am really realizing how compelling a properly encoded short videos can be on the go (especially stuff with replayability--3 Stooges episodes, old cartoons, maybe some sitcoms or music videos).

Most 20 & 30-somethings I know own an iPod, a cell phone and a laptop. They are loathe to carry any additional devices and would like to combine any the above IF there was anything compelling available. If Apple plays their cards right and doesn't do any of the foolishness like they tried with the ROKR and the other iTunes-enabled Moto handsets, they could blow the market wide open and leave Palm standing amidst the rubble looking confused. I never thought that the absence of a simple 3.5mm stereo headphone jack would be crippling to certain companies (Palm, Motorola, Nintendo).

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RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 10/18/2006 1:10:56 AM # Q
I feel your pain with the Treo 700p, but realistically Palm doesn't give a sh*t now that they got your (and my) money. Historically, ROM updates have taken 8 - 12 months to materialize from Palm. I think our Treos have already become abandonware. I feel sorry for people that actually have to use Treos as their primary PDA.

Palm wasted a TON of money back in 2000-01, but failing to properly advertise what their products could do may have been their biggest mistake.

At this stage I don't think Palm has the $$$ for a big ad campaign, but if they are clever they could create some good buzz with minimal expense. Apple are the experts on manipulation and Palm would be wise to learn from them.

Apple's iPhone has apparently been finalized and should be out early next year. I expect it will just be not much more than a more clever, better-integrated version of the LG Chocolate, but with the right marketing Apple will still have a smash hit. Remember, Steve Jobs could sell his own U2-edition feces to the masses without batting an eyelash. Business schools must have courses analyzing how that guy has manipulated a generation of Apple Cultists. Licensing their own network from Cingular is a good idea for Apple if it really works out.

Palm selling a Treo with TCPMP in ROM, DVD-ripping software and a free download of "Snakes on a Mo-F'ing Plane" would make too much sense. Only problem is that real hipsters wouldn't be caught dead with a brick-like phone like the Treo. Ask anyone under the age of 30 what they think of BIG phones and you'll wonder if anyone at Palm ever does market research. Palm's failure to release a stylish small phone has probably sealed their fate. If the company isn't sold by the end of December we'll see one of the most spectacular corporate implosions of a in recent memory. Guess what happens when all of Palm's carriers stop buying their phones? It won't be pretty.


RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
hkklife @ 10/18/2006 10:06:24 AM # Q

Don't feel sorry for anyone who has to use the 700p as their primary PDA. If you turn the radio off it makes a nice approximation of a circa 2003-era Palm handheld. Who you SHOULD feel sorr for are the poor blighted souls who have to use the thing everday as their only cell phone (like me). I'm going to stick with it for the time being, until I cannot stand it anymore or Verizon releases a dumbphone worthy of paying full retail for. If there was SOME way to do a 2-device tango on the CDMA networks with my Palm TX I'd have given up on the Treo long ago.

Sad how Palm's still putting R&D $ into FrankenGarnet's UI, phone app and whatnot but abandoning their remaining loyal POS users who have tried to stick with them through the 650/700p debacles.

The last remaining question is if the 680 will be as laggy/buggy as the 700p or if Palm's going to punish all of us who paid $400-$600 for the privelage of being a 700p beta tester earlier this year.

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RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 10/18/2006 4:15:52 PM # Q
...or Verizon releases a dumbphone worthy of paying full retail for.

Dump the Treo 700p as a phone ASAP. How much is your time worth? To me not having to use a Treo 700p to mane calls is EASILY worth the price of an A930 or A990. But if you're going to carry 2 devices, why even bother carrying a Treo at all. It makes more sense to enjoy the bigger screen of a regular PDA like the TH55 and just Bluetooth it to the dumbphone when you need to connect to the Internet/email. The Treo 700p is a losing proposition for power users unless it receives some major bug-fixes.

We shouldn't have to be trying to rationalize using a $650 device. After the experiencing firsthand the latest comedy of errors known as the Treo 700p I will never buy another Palm-branded device again...


RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
SeldomVisitor @ 10/18/2006 6:15:34 PM # Q
> ...It makes more sense to enjoy the bigger screen of a regular
> PDA like the TH55 and just Bluetooth it to the dumbphone when you
> need to connect to the Internet/email....

Great idea!



RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
hkklife @ 10/19/2006 10:44:41 PM # Q

In a nutshell, why'd you (along with legions of other members) get banned from TC?

Did you post The Ugly Truth one too many times?

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RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 10/20/2006 12:21:08 AM # Q
Hengeem's (gentle) mocking of the TreoCentral moderator kiddies wasn't appreciated by them so he was banned. Several of the other more... colorful... posters at Treocentral were similarly banned. Treocentral has really gone downhill in the past 2 years, but I guess so have most other PalmOS PDA sites.


RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
AdamaDBrown @ 10/20/2006 3:35:19 AM # Q
I too had never seen that ad, but it's exactly the sort of thing that's missing from the modern market. Nobody outside the tech circle knows what a modern device can do because NOBODY TELLS THEM. To the average person, they're still just electronic organizers. Whereas if you told that same person that they could have wireless internet, games, music, movies, books, reference, maps, GPS, mobile messaging, and the like, all in a single device for around $250, a lot of people would jump at the idea. I'm willing to bet that one of the most common reactions people here get when they show off their toys to people is "Wow."

WAY-OT: Getting banned at TreoCentral
SeldomVisitor @ 10/20/2006 6:19:51 AM # Q
> ...Did you post The Ugly Truth one too many times?

I think I stepped on that one absolute-power-absolutely-corrupts moderator's virtual toes by NOT being a rabid TREO fan so he was looking for a reason to get rid of me and publically taunted me with some things that he knew were not correct. Fed up with his comments I then gave him an overt reason. Interestingly, he then went on to make FURTHER comments that he knew were blatant lies (or, at least, prior posts of his suggested he had information about posters (IP addresses) that meant he knew that those "other users" weren't me - maybe he was lying about that, too! In any case, SeldomVisitor was my only TreoCentral ID, as it is here - though Obsessed fans may take on variations of that or my Yahoo ID (hengeem/hengeema) because they're...well...obsessed!).

TreoCentral, like TREOs!, lacks the cutting-edge it once had in its discussion groups (never had it in its articles as far as I can remember). A long time ago I suggested to its owner that he either rename it or start another site that wasn't so TREO oriented.

Might be a good idea for here, too, eh?

[BTW - the technical discussions here are heads above what I find elsewhere and very refreshing]

RE: Is Palm management on crack? Seriously.
freakout @ 10/20/2006 9:24:50 AM # Q
I'm willing to bet that one of the most common reactions people here get when they show off their toys to people is "Wow."

In the Treo's case, that normally comes right after "What a brick..."

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Reality check

cfreyer @ 10/19/2006 4:09:10 PM # Q
I'm really surprised by the negativity in this post. I agree that Palm has neglected some of its Treos over time, but the total usability of Palm devices is *much* better than anything else. I'm not saying that every data input method is superior on the PalmOS--just that Palm has more options than anything else.

I synch a Treo via IR, Bluetooth, Wifi, or USB. And I can sync to a Mac, Linux, or Windows. I have my choice of tools to sync against (Outlook, Notes, Palm desktop, etc...). And I can do a network sync over easily. I can get data into my device via keyboard, graffiti, IR, or sync. I can actually *use* my device in real-time while talking with someone to create a endless amount of keyboard navigation. And I can share my data and apps via IR with other PalmOS users. No reboots, no bluescreens, no "hang on while I get to my calendar". It just works.

To date, I have not seen equal capabilities for equal price on *any* other device. All other devices have limits to what they will sync to. And now, Palm is lowering the price point from $600+ for the 650/700's to $200-300 [estimated] for the 680. Some feature phones cost that much!

Its ashame that many people have forgotten why they bought a Treo in the first place. Oh, and if you're concerned about the future of PalmOS (threading, 3G/4G, etc...) head over to Access' website and check out the Access Linux Platform (ALP).

RE: Reality check
freakout @ 10/20/2006 9:36:28 AM # Q
^^ ALP looks interesting, but I want to see what Palm themselves have up their sleeves (that is, if they have clothes ;) ) vis-a-vis a new OS first.

As for the rest: yep.

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