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Palm Treo 700wxThe Palm Treo 700w/700wx is the first Treo smartphone to use Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system. Nine months after debuting on Verizon, the 700wx is the first to become available on another carrier with one key additional benefit, double the operating memory. Palm's Treo 700w series aims to bring the Palm experience to Windows Mobile. It does so by combining the Pocket PC platform with a number of Palm smartphone innovations and broadband like data speeds. Read on for the full review...
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Great, in-depth review

Jimmie Geddes @ 10/24/2006 8:53:16 PM # Q
Great, in-depth review Ryan! Palm has done an amazing job putting "Palm's ease of use on Windows Mobile." It's by far the best Windows Mobile device I've used. It's nice being able to do more with my Treo (multitasking, wifi, etc.). I've kept my Treo 700p, but my 700wx is my favorite Treo to date. Great review.
RE: Great, in-depth review
Gekko @ 10/24/2006 10:24:56 PM # Q

Jimmie! Say it isn't so, Jimmie!

RE: Great, in-depth review
Jimmie Geddes @ 10/24/2006 10:46:27 PM # Q
Gekko it is so:) Don't get me wrong I love my 700p,I still find Chatter to be the best push email program and wish it would get ported to WM. I also love the Palm OS, I feel like I grew up with it, but it's kinda stopped growing. It's an awesome device. I only kept it (I don't need 2 phones) because Sprint let me add the 700wx as a second line and somehow I talked them into having both phones for $70 a month with all the same services:). EV-DO is much faster on my 700wx than my 700p. For instance my 700wx averages speeds of 450-750 kbps, sometimes it's well over 750. One day I was shocked it was 1096kbps. My 700p is between 250-400kbps.

Being able to surf the web, while writing an email, also sending out a text message, listening to XM radio, update my site, use StyleTap to run some of my favorite Palm OS apps, all at the same time with no slow downs is VERY nice:)I can also stick in my sd wifi card and get even faster speeds:)

Palm has added their special sauce to the 700wx and it shows. When I use my 700p and use blazer, then have to decide if I want to close blazer to open up chatter and send out a quick email, or text a friend, I forget that once I open chatter, or SMS, I've lost my place im Blazer(the 700wx has spoiled me). The 700wx lets me do so much more than I thought possible with a Treo, I'm still adjusting to Windows Mobile. I agree with Ryan Palm still has the best PIM apps. I find StyleTap to be a great app for Palm OS users who switch to a Windows Mobile Treo, it lets you still run some of your favorite Palm OS apps. I use Agendus, Directory Assistant (even though there is a port for WM), AOL for Palm OS (I connect fine through StyleTap), Palm OS To Do list which I copied over to my 700wx from a T2 (700p tasks wouldn't work) using Filez:)

This is in no way WM is better than Palm OS, both have their strong points, and their weaknesses. You need to choose what device is best for you. As a long time proud Palm fan boy I am not embarassed to say that I've moved to the dark side, and it's pretty bright over here:) I also feel lucky that I can also keep my 700p, I am getting the best of both worlds.

If you're in the market for a Windows Mobile smartphone look no further than the 700wx, awseome smart device!

Jimmie Geddes, Editor

RE: Great, in-depth review
Gekko @ 10/25/2006 9:36:26 AM # Q
>I forget that once I open chatter, or SMS, I've lost my place im Blazer

I hate this!

Also - Thanks for your comments. Very interesting.

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Ready to Switch

Gekko @ 10/24/2006 10:16:35 PM # Q

I like all of this power and functionality right out of the box: Push Email, Word, Excel, Powerpoint Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Microsoft Outlook Mobile, Pictures and Video, Picsel PDF Viewer, Pocket MSN, Search, Terminal Services Client, Voice Command, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.

I'm tired of that rickety FrankenGarnet and am ready to switch.

RE: Ready to Switch
Jimmie Geddes @ 10/24/2006 11:08:45 PM # Q
I used Voice Command for the first time tonight, it's so cool just being able to say "call so and so" and it does. Or "what's my next appointment" and it tells you. I hadn't realized this was builtin, it's great for driving.

Jimmie Geddes, Editor
RE: Ready to Switch
Kudzu62 @ 10/24/2006 11:28:37 PM # Q
Gekko, you are SO getting paid to say this stuff.

From the Great White North
RE: Ready to Switch
freakout @ 10/25/2006 5:04:47 AM # Q
You get most of the above out of the box with a PalmOS Treo too. While I too get frustrated with Garnet's shortcomings, the ease-of-use PalmOS affords make it a joy just to fiddle with my Treo. I don't get that joy out of WinMob.

Power's great, but user-friendliness will always (deservedly) remain supreme.

I apologise for any and all emoticons that appear in my posts. You may shoot them on sight.
Treo 270 ---> Treo 650

RE: Ready to Switch
Gekko @ 10/25/2006 9:38:25 AM # Q
>Gekko, you are SO getting paid to say this stuff.

yes, a penny a post. i'm up to 5 cents, you crazy canuck!

RE: Ready to Switch
taraheiss @ 5/8/2007 11:21:58 PM # Q
I just bought a 700wx, I was disappointed that it didn't have voice reco. But you say
"I used Voice Command for the first time tonight, it's so cool just being able to say "call so and so" and it does. Or "what's my next appointment" and it tells you. I hadn't realized this was builtin, it's great for driving".
I find the Voice Command in the User's Guide for shortcutting menu items... but not for calling so -and- so. How do I do this (or find the way to do it).
THANK YOU. This will SO Help my driving (if a woman's driving can be helped).

I just bought a 700wx to replace a separate PDA. I read the 700wx review/comments..leading me here. I see that you got the 700wx to respond to "CALL x ". I cannot find that function... but REALLY want it for car dialing. THANK YOU... I read the user guide (kindof) but didn't find it in there (it talks about voicing commands for programs! I need to call people.)
RE: Ready to Switch
lakegasket @ 6/12/2008 4:56:10 PM # Q
To activate this feature (and all the other voice command features), just turn the sound on and press the small button under the volume buttons on the left side of the phone (antenna side).

After you press the small button you will hear a sound and a microphone icon wlll appear at the top of the screen to the right of where it says start.

Just speak into the phone and say "HELP"..a female voice will speak to you and explain your options.

After you get used to the system and how it works, you will no longer need to say "Help" will just ask directly for what you want.

I hope this is helpful !

Reply to this comment it due to HARDWARE or SOFTWARE!?

SeldomVisitor @ 10/25/2006 6:19:11 AM # Q
== "...The 700wx features twice the available program memory as the
== 700w, with a total of 48 MB free after a reset vs. the 700w's
== 14MB..."

Inquiring minds wanna know if PALM "popped in another chip" or simply castrated the software they had to get the extra space.

Anyone know YET?

RE: it due to HARDWARE or SOFTWARE!?
hkklife @ 10/25/2006 11:16:46 AM # Q
Remember my news item from last week about the company that is trying to perform memory upgrades for 700w/wx/p? They actually had success in putting a larger chip into the 700w but thus far cannot get WinMob to recognize it. So obviously an OS issue.

So I'm ASSuming Palm went with a larger chip. Remember the TC video interview with the Treo 680's product manager...he spoke of the limited avaialbility of <64mb memory modules these days in mass quantities. So Palm has likely already discontinued the 700w and is preparing to release it in Q1 '07 on Verizon...OR they will skip the wx entirely and go with a CDMA 750v (v for Verizon) in '07.

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RE: it due to HARDWARE or SOFTWARE!?
naio21 @ 10/25/2006 1:27:58 PM # Q
"So obviously an OS issue."

Not really. PocketPCTechs has been upgrading PPC's memories for years. It can only be a hardware issue.


RE: it due to HARDWARE or SOFTWARE!?
newbuyer @ 10/28/2006 12:26:16 AM # Q
I just purchased a Treo 700W from Verizon and am just now learning of all its features. I haven't challenged its processor/RAM memory yet with too many pics, docs, etc., however, I did review the screen shots featured in the above write up showing the Verizon storage vs. Sprint's. My Verizon 700W was not reset, but as is the Storage on the left column reads: Total 62.94 MB; In Use 1.91 MB; Free: 61.03 MB, so I'm a little confused why the available memory in mine is so much more than the screenshop shown in the article...? Any comments on far, I haven't had any processing speed problems...but I'm not subscribing to internet service yet either...?

smart ph student
RE: it due to HARDWARE or SOFTWARE!?
newbuyer @ 10/28/2006 12:49:49 AM # Q
In follow up to above comment, I just looked a chart comparing the storage of the Treo 700W and 700WX, and it shows the same amount of available memory, so I guess I'm not understanding the issues regarding storage raised by the featured article...see url:

smart ph student

RE: it due to HARDWARE or SOFTWARE!?
AdamaDBrown @ 10/28/2006 1:43:08 AM # Q
It's not storage, it's RAM. The 700w and 700wx both have identical amounts of storage memory, but the RAM (used for active programs) is 32 MB on the 700w versus 64 MB on the 700wx.

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what are the main differences between the 700p and the 700wx?

bigg magoo @ 1/30/2007 12:24:39 AM # Q
Im a very busy and disorganized student and I want to purchase a treo in the hope of becoming more resonisible with my schedual, schoolwork, and all around organizing my day. I know they are simillar but i was just wanted to know which would be more useful for a student.

RE: what are the main differences between the 700p and the 700wx?
freakout @ 1/30/2007 2:05:10 AM # Q
700p would be easier to learn and use, but going by a lot of user accounts posted on the web, it has stability and reception issues. If you want a PalmOS based Treo and don't need 3G the 680 is probably a better choice. Otherwise, go 700wx. Or 750.
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Thinking about buying a 700wx.

EJF @ 2/22/2007 1:41:08 PM # Q
I am thinking about buying a 700wx through my Alltel plan. I have heard that there has been a question with reception. Is this true? What are some of the most have software that should be added or is what comes "in the box" where I should start. I am looking at managing my work e-mails and calendar and want web availability along with phone access on one unit. I can't keep track of my pocket pc and cell phone anymore.

Looking for a Palm Treo
Eva Fransen
RE: Thinking about buying a 700wx.
SeldomVisitor @ 2/22/2007 2:08:48 PM # Q
Enduser type commentary doesn't really appear to be a forte of PalmInfocenter, which is probably a good thing.

Instead, you should go to the Forums over on, for example, TreoCentral


and read and write for your needs; there are LOTS of folks there with personal experiences in ALL the TREOs to help you make appropriate decisions.

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Treo as a full time modem

stevenmoyano @ 3/7/2007 2:47:03 PM # Q
I have been a Palm fan for many years and currently have Palm E2 and am considering buying a Treo.
I recently moved and was wondering that instead of transfering Timewarner broadband "roadrunner light" which runs at about 384K i could possibly use a Treo as my only modem. Is this realistic? I currently pay $30 (no taxes) and with Treo it would only cost about $20 more and i would be able to have internet through the phone itseld anywhere. Your opionions and advice are appreciated.

What speed can i expect when using a PDA as modem? and what PDA do you guys recommend. I am currently with Sprint, should i consider another rovider? Thanks in advance
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Palm Treo 700WX

beahaven @ 11/15/2007 4:33:28 PM # Q
I am thinking of updating my current cell phone and am wondering if this product is worth the money. I currently do no use any type of electronic appointment device. I do us email from my current cell and I send photos on my current cell. Any help??

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dh-treo @ 1/4/2008 1:20:28 PM # Q
No Outlook on MY CD-and Sprint was hissy: "You have to buy it yourself", even though it was included with my Samsung i700. Unfortunately, I lost that CD and hadn't been using Outlook since the last time my laptop went haywire. Any other suggestions? Palm Desktop not available?

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alternative for Black Berry

maykuo @ 1/27/2008 10:28:52 AM # Q
I am currently a user of Black Berry 8830 user with Sprint. I usually use BB to update my blog and use its calender and note to organize my daily life. Overall, I like this device but I really hate to pay extra data plan for Blackberry. My original Sprint voice plan actually already includes unlimited data and web. I don't know I have to update my plan till I received the phone. I also don't like emails can't always be displayed correctly. Most of time they are shown in text format which make it very hard to understand all the time. And also this one is not equipped with camera.

So I would love to find a smart phone don't need to work with extra data plan with Sprint, with easy typing keyboard like BB( I need to type a lot), support Sprint TV and sling box, with good phone quality and speaker(I use a lot), supporting pictures message( also included in my original Sprint plan), good small organized tools like calender, timer, notes. Do you think Plam Treo 700 would be a good replacement for BB. The only place i don't like it is its antenna. Do I have other choices with hidden antena?

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808fox @ 6/5/2009 12:46:31 AM # Q
I've downloaded some games to my palm but it says that it can't open them that I need to open the application then I can install the game but i can't figure out how to open the app to begin with. i keep going to games and trying to install it there but no success. I feel pretty illiterate with the thing and have been tempted to throw it out.
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