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ACCESS has announced it plans to release an Application Framework to the open source community under Mozilla Public License (MPL) v1.1. Security features that extend the Linux kernel are planned for release under the General Public License (GPL) v2. The Framework will be released before the end of the year and will be the industry’s first open source mobile Linux application framework for commercial use.
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Does this help PDA users

Rhauer @ 10/31/2006 1:49:26 PM # Q
I am a heavy user of a PDA device. I am solidly in the camp of seperate phone and pda and have been using bluetooth for email and web access since the T.

Does all of this help get us to a new, state of the art, PDA.

RE: Does this help PDA users
hkklife @ 10/31/2006 2:40:21 PM # Q
No, not at all. Stock up on all of the remaining Palm TXs, Zodiac 2's, and Sony TH55s while you still can.

2007 is looking to be a very grim year indeed for affecionados of standalone PDAs and high-end CRT displays.

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RE: Does this help PDA users
potter @ 11/1/2006 9:54:47 AM # Q
To the end user, this announcement is of very little concern. About the only point that I can gleam from this announcement that would affect the end user would be the comments on the "Bundle Manager". This point would imply that there is a fair chance that an ALP device could provide a consistent user interface in the application launcher, such that an end user could be unaware as to the different application types. Legacy Palm OS, Java and ALP applications would all appear and would be started in the same manner. However, due to the differences in the APIs and programming styles used in these different application types, once in the applications a user could probably tell the difference.

Now to the Palm OS programmer, some of this is interesting. The
Exchange Manager, Notification Manager, Attention Manager, and Alarm Manager are all APIs which the Palm OS programmer has had available to them for some time. Therefore their knowledge in these areas can hopefully be easily transferred toward their efforts to write ALP applications.

To the open source enthusiast, this may also be interesting; for now it appears that Access is exposing more and more of the ALP to open source. A question might be, would it be possible with all that they have exposed (or will expose) to port ALP to some of the legacy devices, without Palm's support? A noteworthy piece that appears to be missing so far is the Palm compatibility layer.

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