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(For those of you who didn't know, PalmStation has been down for a few days. Hal, who runs the site, wrote in with an explanation of what's going on. In the meantime, PalmStation can be reached via -Ryan)
PalmStation.Com *will* be back, however GraniteCanyon (A free DNS service) seems to not be all the ball. PalmStation's ISP is moving, and moved the servers to a colocated host for a few weeks, while the line is being installed in the new location. Since the IP's had to change for the colo, the DNS servers would have had to be updated with internic. Rather than go through that pain, we decided to use GraniteCanyon for the time being. Unfortunately, it's been a rough ride getting things set up there. We hope to get everything back online shortly. I know many of PalmStation's readers read the Palm Infocenter as well, so I'd really appreciate you posting this.
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hal-j @ 5/31/2000 2:43:16 PM #
Thanks for posting this Ryan. I'm working hard to get
PalmStation back up fully, but it may take a while (as
most DNS things generally do). Unfortunatly GraniteCanyon
seems to not be updating with my zone files. I've added
another DNS server to the internic records (hopefully that'll
go through soon) which should help out a bit. This *will* all
be resolved, thanks for the patience.
RE: Thanks
Ryan @ 5/31/2000 3:08:36 PM #
No problem Hal. Best of luck getting things back online.
RE: Thanks
digichimp @ 5/31/2000 3:45:38 PM #
thanks to you both,

Both Palmstation and PalmInfoCenter are my most visited sites as well as PalmGear



gern @ 6/1/2000 2:43:07 PM #
i am very impressed and pleased to see PalmInfocenter working with Hal to get to word out about PalmStation's move/changes. It is really refreshing to see two competing sites working together go the good of everyone. Thank you Ryan!

-gern (=

RE: Impressed
hal-j @ 6/1/2000 4:43:35 PM #
Actually, Ryan and talk somewhat regularly behind the scenes. Of course we don't post/announce/make public all of our email conversations (or any that I can recall, for that matter), but then again, you don't know what say to my father via email either ;)

Anyhow, we've talked before about how we can work together (although there is no specific plan). I'm fairly sure I can speak for both Ryan and myself when I say that while our sites do compete somewhat (don't newspapers compete?) the competition has never been anything but friendly, and we have been on friendly terms since we first heard of each other.



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