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The Palm Treo 750 has just been approved by the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission must approve each phone before its official debut in the US, bringing the 750 closer to a possible release. The Treo 750 is expected to eventually make its way on to Cingular.
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Why 240 x 240 screen?

interlard @ 11/9/2006 7:39:09 PM # Q
Some Windows Mobile 5 devices have 240 x 320 screens. Some have 320 x 240. Most can switch orientation.

So why did Palm go for 240 x 240 on the WM5 Treos, instead of the more logical (and equal to the Palm OS versions) 320 x 320? Does anybody know?

RE: Why 240 x 240 screen?
hkklife @ 11/9/2006 11:51:03 PM # Q
32*320 isn't supported as a native WinMob resolution.

240*240 is already enjoying middlin' support by WinMob developers as-is. Throwing another SSS (small square screen) resolution into the mix wouldn't help matters AT ALL.

Palm should get with the program and upgrade their M$-powered Treos to 480*480 (a supported resolution) but that would again entail higher LCD costs as well as a dearth of natively-supporting software.

See the WinMob team's blog for more info (and a half-arsed "defense" of the 700w):

P.S. 320*320 is still insufficient for my needs. Minimum 320*480 or bust, baby!

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RE: Why 240 x 240 screen?
interlard @ 11/13/2006 7:14:02 PM # Q
Thanks for the reply & the link. It does explain.

Personally, I think they should have gone the "desktop route" and allowed their screens to re-size if the device has the screen space. I'd rather see more on the screen now, in 320x320 (and live with the software that thinks it's only 240x320) than live with a small screen and have to wait for 480x480 to come out in five years.

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European Preview

jfme @ 11/9/2006 9:04:05 PM # Q
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