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Rumor: CrunchGear is reporting a rumor this morning that makes the claim that the Treo 680 has been delayed due to a manufacturing error. Their reliable source states:
Apparently 144,000 Treo 680s were shipped out and had to be sent back because some genius forgot to connect the internal microphones.
The Treo 680 is being produced by Inventec. The 680 is the first device they have been contracted to manufacture for Palm.
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My 2 cents...

Talon07 @ 11/16/2006 2:49:36 PM # Q
I guess that will be the last batch they will be making...

RE: My 2 cents...
joad @ 11/16/2006 7:10:38 PM # Q
Nope - this seems to be an *improvement* over Palm's prior attitude on quality. In the past they would have just shipped them and then "shined on" the "power users" that were so picky they actually wanted to TALK on the phones... (maybe this was the genesis of the revolutionary "Tungsten W" - Palm's first attempt at a phone in which it was somehow not deemed necessary to have a microphone).

Remember - it's not an "error," it's just business as usual. Though you may be right in that this manufacturer is actually recalling the devices - it MAY be the last time Palm does business with them - Palm's usual method is to ship all the defective phones and have the *users* debug the whole lot individually.

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matt_laughs @ 11/16/2006 3:15:51 PM # Q
the motorola q has evdo? that is a slick looking piece of hardware.....and motorola is a company with a reputation to defend........

q or 750? the q looks like its gonna cost half the price....

thats what she said!

RE: hmmmm
AdamaDBrown @ 11/16/2006 4:26:25 PM # Q
Actually, the Q has been out for quite some time. You can get it for free with new activation. You may be thinking of the new, upgraded Q--frequently referred to as the "Q Pro" or "Norman"--that's going to be out on Verizon (EVDO) and Cingular (UMTS/possibly HSDPA) soon.

RE: hmmmm
hkklife @ 11/16/2006 4:33:37 PM # Q
I would imagine Verizon to launch both the Q Pro and the 700wx in the Jan-Feb timeframe.

It's also possible that VZW will want to skip the bulky 700wx entirely and is waiting/pushing for a CDMA version of the Treo 750 formfactor.

I'm quite positively impressed with Verizon's turnaround the past year. They've finally gotten some great handsets and started to move away from the ungainly external antennae. Their pricing structure also needs to made more competitive as well. I would not be surprised to see the 700p EOL'd fairly soon as least by Verizon. I was in a new flagship local store yesterday and saw only one 700p on display.

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HTC too

freakout @ 11/16/2006 4:53:11 PM # Q
According to DigitalTimes Telecom, Taiwanese media reported that Palm rejected a US$40 million handset shipment from High Tech Computer (HTC), but HTC denied the claim yesterday in a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange. HTC admitted difficulties with a component but said the financial impact was limited.

According to HTC, a small portion of connectors in handsets provided to Palm had defects, and that HTC is replacing those defective connectors in cooperation with the component supplier. HTC downplayed the problem, saying that testing and replacement would only cost about US$152,000.

RE: HTC too
jfme @ 11/16/2006 8:02:48 PM # Q
Got to love that "Made in China" quality

RE: HTC too
craigdts @ 11/16/2006 11:35:58 PM # Q
Perhaps they are referring to the Cingular 750v. If that's true then that's just bad luck for Palm. Both products delayed becuase of manufacturing issues. I hope palm will be compensated for these errors.

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Motor Cola

matt_laughs @ 11/18/2006 3:54:43 AM # Q
well, yeah the q looks alot nicer until you realize your paying alot of money for evdo and no ability to use the q as a tethered modem.

thats what she said!
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680 'on' PALM's site(s)

SeldomVisitor @ 11/19/2006 2:53:55 PM # Q
In the US and the UK minimally - page not complete in US (IMHO made "visible" so buzz could be created since the location is obscure thus needing inside info to reveal). In US about $350, in UK about $650, I think.

See TreCentral or Yahoo or probably a half dozen other palces by now for links...

RE: 680 'on' PALM's site(s)
freakout @ 11/20/2006 6:59:40 AM # Q
It seems Cingular isn't going to be offering any of the different colours. Why?
RE: 680 'on' PALM's site(s)
SeldomVisitor @ 11/20/2006 7:58:01 AM # Q
Perhaps Cingular orders sufficiently few TREOs or, to be a little nicer, sufficiently few expensive smartphones of any brand, that the order size for adding colors (N thousand units) would be prohibitive.

RE: 680 not 'on' PALM's site
SeldomVisitor @ 11/20/2006 9:07:22 AM # Q
The 680 has been removed from the US site - didn't check the other(s).

[still info there, just not ordering stuff - $349 seems kinda steep for a locked TREO 680, though...see:


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Nothing new

twrock @ 11/20/2006 12:14:00 AM # Q
Apparently 144,000 Treo 680s were shipped out and had to be sent back because some genius forgot to connect the internal microphones.

They had that exact same problem with the TX. But with the TX, they decided that no one would miss it anyway, so they just let it slide.

I'm still waiting for the mythical color HandEra.

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Some are saying 680s available now

SeldomVisitor @ 11/21/2006 5:01:42 PM # Q
But for some reason, no one has mentioned the pricing yet.

How strange!

Or planted...

Whatta game!

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