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Larry Becker writes,, publishers of the only Palm training video, are pleased to announce the introduction of a FREE e-newsletter all about productivity and making money with the Palm. Palm Intelligence will be produced with articles from staff and will include contributions from readers as well. Readers even get prizes for articles that get published. Sign up for free here.
Rilindo Foster wrote in with word that you can get a free Palm if you sign up for web hosting with HostPro.
Finally, Brad let me know that OmniSky has started shipping modems for their wireless service.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2000 9:18:21 PM #
Why doesn't just buy out Omnisky?
They look to have a good service and i ahve only heard good things.
If i was to get a internet connected Palm, i think i would rather go with OMnisky then the Palm 7

what you guys think



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