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Several sites are reporting that Microsoft will officially unveil Windows Mobile 6 at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona next Monday. Code-named Crossbow, Windows Mobile 6 will sport a new slightly tweaked interface, new enterprise features and several usability improvements, including:

  • HTML email
  • Email client now includes one-touch access to common functions (i.e. delete, reply)
  • A new "ribbon" UI for the Calendar
  • Ability to edit Office documents on smartphones
  • Windows Vista synchronization with Windows Mobile Device Center
  • Contact-specific call logs, so you can view your call history with individuals.

Microsoft have also renamed the various editions of Windows Mobile. The Smartphone Edition becomes Windows Mobile Standard, Pocket PC Phone becomes Windows Mobile Professional, and Pocket PC becomes Windows Mobile Classic.

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So what does this do for me?

neurojava @ 2/7/2007 10:59:43 PM # Q
I looked at some screen shots on - wasn't really excited but maybe its just me.

So what does it get me? The only thing relevant that I could potentially find was the contacts based call history. And the ability to forward calender events. (though I have been doing that with the good old Palm OS for a long time). I have never edited Office documents on a mobile device and the rest seems superficial crap.

Nice! And cry foul, Palm apologists.

RE: So what does this do for me?
shimonsh @ 2/8/2007 6:10:15 AM # Q

There are apps for Palm OS that allow you to filter your call log by contact name.

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on the Windows & Palm OS platforms.
- Maker of TAKEphONE & 2day:
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Gekko @ 2/8/2007 8:55:13 AM # Q

Beersie - how does WM6 stack up against your Cobalt/ALP/PalmNewOS hallucinations?

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OT: Mobile's newest killer app: Voice

Gekko @ 2/8/2007 9:17:54 AM # Q

Mobile's newest killer app: Voice

The newest multimedia services like mobile TV and Web browsing might get all the glory, but phone calls still offer plenty of opportunity.
Michal Lev-Ram, Business 2.0 Magazine writer-reporter
February 8 2007: 6:55 AM EST

(Business 2.0 Magazine) -- Last month, when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at the annual Macworld expo in San Francisco, he declared that the hyped-up handset's killer app would be "making calls."

With services like mobile television and Web browsing on the rise (and voice revenues in freefall), using a cell phone to talk doesn't sound very sexy, let alone profitable. And yet, the Apple (Charts) chief may not have been far off.

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sremick @ 2/8/2007 10:35:43 AM # Q
Thought this was a Palm site? (yes, I know that Palm puts WM on some of their hardware, but I try and forget that abomination...)

Anyway, I installed FontSmoother and PalmRevolt and gave my existing Palm a modernized facelift. No Windows on my PDA, thanks.

RE: *yawn*
freakout @ 2/8/2007 6:38:10 PM # Q
Thought this was a Palm site? (yes, I know that Palm puts WM on some of their hardware, but I try and forget that abomination...)

You answered your own question. Besides, it's always worth keeping an eye on MS - how else will we criticise them? ;)

Anyhoo, whatever your feelings towards WinMob, it's good to see that MS still do major updates every couple of years. If only the same could be said for PalmOS...

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One RIM killing feature...

Surur @ 2/8/2007 11:10:50 AM # Q

No, its not the exchange push - thats so 2006. In WM6 MS finally addresses one big complaint about the platform - security. In WM6 you can chose to encrypt your SD or CF expansion card, meaning mail attachments and whatever you want to store on your memory cards (via the device of course) is finally secure, and can only be read in the device. This should please many doctors, and of course business men who need to look after data security.

There are other features, such as being able to search you exchange mail box (all 12 GB of it) or the ability to share internet by turning your device into a Bluetooth access point etc, but the above feature will finally make WM6 an acceptable platform to do business on.


They said I only argued for the sake of arguing, but after an hour I convinced them they were wrong...
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Name changes @ 2/8/2007 11:39:24 AM # Q
LOL! More ridiculous name changes. No wonder nobody can ever figure out what OS their Windows Mobile PDA is using. It's as if MS is actually trying to make it difficult to make it difficult to develop and market software for these devices.

RE: Name changes
fierywater @ 2/8/2007 12:39:45 PM # Q
Well, at least it's easier than having Palm make "fixes" to their OS every time they release a new device, causing developers to have to patch their software for every single device release to ensure compatibility across models.

RE: Name changes
Colormeweb @ 2/8/2007 8:18:34 PM # Q
What am I running on my palm now? Palm OS or is it Access OS or is it Garnet OS?

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Somewhat-OT - MSFT apparantly has FCC-filed for the Zune Phone

SeldomVisitor @ 2/8/2007 5:52:44 PM # Q
RE: Somewhat-OT - MSFT apparantly has FCC-filed for the Zune Phone
t3h @ 2/8/2007 11:34:04 PM # Q
You can give someone your number, but they can only call you 3 times for 3 days...

Palm TX + 1GB SD + Motorola v3x = awesomeness
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OT: Cell phone giants start courting coders

Gekko @ 2/8/2007 6:41:41 PM # Q

Cell phone giants start courting coders
The golden age of cell-phone innovation is upon us, and that puts the balance of power, once again, in the hands of Silicon Valley.
Michal Lev-Ram, Business 2.0 Magazine writer-reporter
February 8 2007: 1:25 PM EST

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