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Google Calendar Mobile PalmGoogle has released a mobile version of its web based Google Calendar application. If you have a Google Calendar account you can visit from your mobile web browser to use the service.

The site will display a basic mobile optimized version of your appointments and upcoming agenda from your google calendar, with the usual details like date, time, location, description, and guest list. You can also create quick appointments from the interface.

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still a long way ahead

xuejm1225 @ 5/26/2007 9:58:37 PM # Q
It would be terrific if Google could integrate its email, calendar, contacts with Palm's application.

RE: still a long way ahead
grimpeur @ 5/27/2007 8:54:06 AM # Q
Exactly, as handy as it is being able to browse this data on a mobile / pda sized web page. A browser ( and more specifically Blazer! ) is no match for a native app.

I only hope that Google offer a native Calendar App for palm in the same way that they offered Google Maps.

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Isn't this about ten years too late?

tuvor @ 5/28/2007 12:51:49 AM # Q
My PalmPilot Professional Edition was able to manage all of this back in 1997, and without the benefit of an Internet connection!

Can someone explain to me how this is not redundant?

RE: Isn't this about ten years too late?
linds @ 5/28/2007 10:50:14 AM # Q
I think what they are saying is they would like google's ease of use added to the palm at a local level. Since palm really hasn't done a whole lot since 1997 to the core apps.

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