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Initiate Palm SoftwareHobbyist Software has released a major update to its powerful smartphone optimized launcher Initiate. Initiate makes it possible to find contacts, programs and bookmarks with ease right from your home screen. It is also a customizable launcher that lets you assign application tabs, play audio from the home screen, send an sms, create & launch shortcuts to apps stored on a memory card and provides a drag and drop interface to manage your device. The new version 3.0 adds a host of new features and functions. Initiate has been updated with a whole new look, new status icons, new plugins, enhanced scrolling and much more.

Initiate Pro retails for $24.95 and there is a free trial available. There is also a standard version which leaves out a few more advanced features for $9.95.

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Alternative Lauchners

dukat @ 6/13/2007 4:09:44 AM # Q
Back in my T|T3 days, I was a big fan of alternative launchers - now I have a Treo for almost three years, I never even considered installing an alternative. I guess the ability to press-and-hold-launch from the phone application made them more or less redundant ...

From the huge amount of comment posted, I guess I'm not the only one thinking like this ...

IIIe -> m505 -> T3 -> Treo650 -> Treo680

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