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Palm Bluetooth Headset 3While Palm is not widely known as being an accessory supplier, their line of Bluetooth headsets has quietly reached the 3rd generation with the release of the new Palm Wireless Headset Series 3. This unit is most likely a rebranded offering, much like how the 2nd-generation Palm 3265WW was a re-branded Plantronics Discovery 640/645.

Palm's prices for their branded Bluetooth headsets have come down tremendously in the past year, with this latest release sporting a reasonably MSRP of only $69.99, although this version omits the bundled AC charger of both previous Palm headsets as well as the generous accessory bundle found in the package of its predecessor.

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Eternal_Visitor @ 10/31/2007 3:20:35 AM # Q
um, the 680 is listed twice...

that's how I see things. you think I'm wrong? well, that's the way you see things.
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hkklife @ 10/31/2007 10:46:17 AM # Q
Thanks for the catch. That was supposed to be the 650, of course.

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