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A post on the Aceeca message board responded to a member's request for additional information on the memory available for use by the user on the new Garnet-powered PDA32 handheld. Aceeca employee HDey states that the PDA32 currently ships in a 64MB RAM configuration, with ~38MB available app storage, with the remainder reserved for system and application usage.

For those disappointed to read about this relatively sparse amount of memory, HDey does indicate that a future version of the PDA32 could ship with 128MB memory, a figure previously only enjoyed by the Tapwave Zodiac 2, Palm TX and Sprint Centro refresh.

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Enterprise is the name of the game here, not comsumer dweebs.

CFreymarc @ 8/6/2010 3:36:19 PM # Q
Dude, this is enterprise. Anyone trying to play memory hog games on this are not worth anyone's attention.

Aceeca is going to make a fortune selling to those who don't want to pay for upgrading their enterprise code to Android or iPhone.

Never underestimate the power of a cheap enterprise account that will pay day by day low prices to avoid a big bill now or later.

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