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Sony chief operating officer Kunitake Ando told a Reuters reporter, the release of the Sony Palm PDA is expected in September in Japan and a month later in the States. No further details have been released but the device has been rumored to sport a color screen, enhanced audio and possibly wireless net access. The Sony PDA is expected to be shown at the PC Expo next week and could quite possibly be the talk of the show.
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Entertainment Device? @ 6/20/2000 12:53:27 PM #
I think it is very interesting that the interview with Ando describes it as a "hand-held entertainment and computing device". I wonder if this is just the way the reporter characterizes it or is Sony going to strongly emphasize games?
RE: Entertainment Device?
Paul @ 6/20/2000 5:42:44 PM #
Well nintendo has the gameboy and they're coming out with a new generation gameboy. Ever since Sega and SNK withdrew from the handheld game market Nintendo has been pretty much dominating it. I guess it's time for Sony to become the champion like they did with their PSX for the consoles.

is this actually nedded?

DataOrb @ 6/21/2000 3:10:10 AM #
I am scared to think of the palm user who needs a 1gb storage space!!
I mean, how much databases you actually qot there?
or are you just a REALLY REALLY Hard core AvantGo user?
RE: is this actually nedded?
nunativs @ 6/21/2000 11:21:07 AM #
I think the larger storge is needed for mp3 files, video clips and the like. I personally could use much more space for documents alone as I use the palm to study manuals for software that I use. I use iSilo to convert any HTML formatted info to Palm, its great!


Guy @ 6/21/2000 8:09:44 AM #


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