Comments on: Signs of a North American GSM Pre? has uncovered some evidence of a GSM Palm Pre presumably designed for use on North American GSM networks. A couple of WiFi and Bluetooth certification sources are showing new Palm SKU codes that hint at Pre's tailored for the different GSM/UMTS frequencies that are used in Europe and North America.

First up, you can check this PDF to see that a new version of the Pre has been certified by That's where the hunt begins, as the unit certified here is P100UNA - Calvin notes that this matches up with the Treo Pro GSM version, T850UNA - the U is for UMTS, the NA is for North America. In other words, there's a version of the Palm Pre GSM that Palm is at least getting certified for US use (a strong indication it will support US 3G).

Not enough? How about this Bluetooth Gadget Guide listing with the P100UNA and P100UEU (that'd be UMTS-European Union) entries? That could indicate that there will be separate version, but remember that there's a UNA and UEU version of the Treo Pro as well, add in Palm's limited resources and we're expecting one model for both regions. Note also the P100UEU was seen on that Pre Spy Shot in Vietnam.

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Great news

sungod @ 8/17/2009 6:17:45 PM # M Q
This is good news for Telstra users in OZ as well.
Give me a NextG Pre.
I'm guna be so pore after I pay the data costs thow.
RE: Great news
freakout @ 8/17/2009 6:28:54 PM # Q
I really did think the Telstra Pre would be coming this month - mainly based on Palm Oz's rather odd denial of the original Smarthouse report that said it would be ("Read between the lines", I was told) - but it would appear not.
RE: Great news
sungod @ 8/17/2009 6:53:22 PM # M Q
I don't think we will get it befor EU & GB. If we get it befor Xmass I'll be happy. My current contract is up @ the end of the year.
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Canada going all HSPA

HandyMan @ 8/18/2009 7:44:27 PM # Q
Both CDMA carriers in Canada will be launching their HSPA network later this year (latest is January, just before the Olympics). While Bell is releasing the CMDA version in a couple of weeks, they will be switch all new handsets to HSPA versions next year.

I hope Telus also gets it.

And maybe Sprint can't sell enough and loses its exclusivity and all the other carriers will be able to carry the Pre as well in the US.

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