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Visor Stylus 5-pack
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  • Nice colors
  • Cool Hidden Screwdriver
  • For 5 premium styli, Cheap!

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  • Should have been included

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Wilderness Nubuck Case
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  • Ingenious use of the Cover
  • High Quality leather

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  • Would prefer loop closure

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Handspring Visor Stylus 5-Pack and Wilderness Nubuck Case
Robert Zach (

Handspring Inc. kindly provided with two of the accessory products available for order on their web site.

Visor Stylus 5-pack
The first of these products was the Visor stylus 5-pack. These are billed as "premium" grade styli with a heavy metal barrel. The colors match the 5 Visor case colors offered.

HandSpring Stylus

I was impressed with the added heft of these styli. I believe that these should be required for any serious Visor owner; the weight is a welcome addition to the rather cheap feeling stock stylus. The tip is smooth (I felt the stock stylus wasn't smooth enough), and the matching color is an added bonus. ;-)

The major surprise to me was the two "hidden" features of this premium stylus. Unlike the stock, this stylus has a hidden reset pin under the stylus tip, just unscrew. The built-in Reset pin is a value added feature that was standard with the Palm III series, and I missed this on my Visor. So although I expected this feature, it's nice to actually see it.

What I didn't expect, and loved, was the other end of the stylus. Unscrew it and you have a perfect little screwdriver for taking the back off your Palm/Visor or fixing those geek glasses you undoubtedly wear from using all these PDAs. Slick! What's strange is that Handspring makes no mention of the screwdriver on their site, nor on the product packaging.

Slim CaseWilderness Nubuck Case
Handspring was also kind enough to send two of their Premier style cases, also orderable from their web site one brown, one green. Pictured here is the brown Wilderness Nubuck case, the gree case is identical except for color. Here's where I was again surprised by the creativity of the people at Handspring.

When I first got my Visor I was less than impressed with the snap on cover. But, Handspring has now demonstrated several ingenious ways of utilizing the fastening mechanism. The Visor Premier style case actually has a cover sewn into the inside of the case! This is what holds the Visor in place. Akin to the Palm V rail system, Handspring is utilizing an "on-board" attachment mechanism for additional products. I like that concept. And, for the Premier case there are added bonuses of this design. I can snap the Visor in place so that it can be used in the case, or flip it over to tuck in a bag and have the added safety of the hard cover protecting the screen as opposed to just the leather outside.

Rumor has it, Handspring will be further adapting the "flip cover turned accessory" concept by making a Visor belt clip from the same basic concept.

As for the construction of the case, it is very nicely made with top quality leather. The closure on this Premier line of cases is a belt with a snap closure, I personally find a belt and loop closure more appealing, but this does have a clean look.

Slim CaseI did notice that the leather, because it is a buck type, does tend show small scratches. But the high quality of the leather and gee-whiz factor of the integrated cover gets me over both the scratching and the non-loop style closure objections.

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smokey @ 7/25/2000 7:36:51 AM #
A little pricey considering there are some really nice leather cases out there for less cash. I'd consider it if it were cheaper.
Looks Good!!!!
bharnois @ 7/25/2000 11:17:56 PM #
Maybe some credit card slots so I cound dump my wallet. Small size by the pictures is perfect. Love the flippy hard cover.

Still pricey though!

Handspring Visor Stylus 5-Pack

Scott Dreslinski @ 7/26/2000 4:07:05 PM #
This is just some info regarding your review of the Visor Stylus 5-pack. You mention the above 2 "hidden" features that you miss with the stock stylus. I just got a visor deluxe last week, and it appears all visors now come with the premium stylus, as I have the 2 "hidden" features in my "stock" visor stylus.

A nice touch they should have shipped standard a long time ago, but good for them for doing it now.

RE: Handspring Visor Stylus 5-Pack
Robert Zach @ 7/30/2000 8:11:35 PM #
I agree with you, and mentioned it in the review, this should have been standard. If it is true, then I am very glad to see that Handspring has recognized thie deficiency and is shipping the "premium" stylus as stock.

Thanks for letting us know.

Premium Stylus

Maurice @ 7/27/2000 2:25:33 PM #
Is the Handspring stylus compatible with the Palm V? If so it would be a well-deserved replacement for the standard plastic stylus.
RE: Premium Stylus
CSAM @ 7/29/2000 6:11:09 PM #
Don't try it! I got my Visor stylus stuck in my Palm for several hours... it took a pair of needle-nosed pliers and a bit of elbow grease to get it out again! Yikes!


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