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Krusell Inc.

Palm V/m500 Case Bottom Line:

The Pros:
  • Nice wrap around snap closure
  • Good protection
  • SD/MMC Card slots
  • Can be HotSynced in the case

The Cons:
  • Designed for Palm V and m500 series means less than accurate fit for m500
  • Lid doesn't close flush with SD cards installed cards impact screen
  • Hinge should be wider to allows wrap to close tightly Ratings*:

*Maximum Rating is FIVE (5) InfoPalms

Palm m100 Case

The Pros:
  • Nice wrap around snap closure
  • Great little "nub" that allows the clock application to be accesses with case closed
  • Can be HotSynced in the case

The Cons:
  • Play through for clock app is missing a vinyl window personally I hate vinyl but I know some will want the scratch protection for the screen Ratings*:

*Maximum Rating is FIVE (5) InfoPalms

Leather Case Handit with Multidapt Review
By Robert Zach

Yes another wrap around case for our lovable Palms, but this one has a twist! Multidapt.

As the name implies, these cases can be "adapted" to a wide variety of holder options. The Multidapt concept consists of the uniquely designed molded plastic connector on the back of both these cases. See the system close-up shot. This receiver can receive a standard post module as shown or a variety of slide on clip attachments. The attachments simply slide, and lock, into the receiver. Simply inserting a thin blunt object into the mechanism releases any attachments.

Pictured are three of my favorite attachments. The Car adapter (this uses the standard post and the base screws onto your dash), the Bike Adapter (uses the standard post and the receiver nicely mounts to the handlebars a unique pull and slide release mechanism is employed which keeps the Palm from bouncing up and out of the holder), and finally the "Big Steel Spring Clip" (this is something you'd find on a Policeman's belt it's a serious piece of steel with a belt loop Nice!).

Krusell sent two cases to review (a m100 and m500/V model) as well as a myriad of adapters. Beside the three listed above, there are post clips (ala cell phone variety), plastic belt clips, spring loaded belt clips, etc. A full line can be seen on the Krusell web site. Here is the post style and a sample clip style connectors.

As for the cases themselves, both are designed to slip the Palm into the case and then cover the screens using a wrap around screen protector. The wrap itself is reinforced and snaps around the backside of the case giving some protection to the HotSync port. Cutouts are included for HotSync, Stylus, and Buttons. On the front of both cases is a very nice metallic oval with the Krussell name emblazoned on it.

The m100 case has a unique feature that you can see in the close-up picture. Look closely at the inside of the wrap flap and you'll see a small nub of leather. This is positioned right behind the Krusell logo on the front of the wrap. As you can see there is also a hole through the case (window with no vinyl thus exposing the screen to scratches) to see the m100/105 clock application. So now you guessed what the nub is for, right? With the case buttoned up, pushing on the Krussell logo puts the nub in contact with the up button thereby displaying the clock application through the hole in the wrap. Nice touch. Fit and finish are excellent on this one.

The m500 case was made to accept both the m500 series as well as the Palm V series. I found that the Palm V series actually fit the case better than the m500. It appears though that this may be due to a glitch in stitching this sample together. If you look at the m500 close-up picture you can see the reveal around the screen is not even on the left and right sides. It appears that the screen cutout is not properly centered. Not having this problem with the m100 model I would assume that this is a problem with my sample.

Both cases contain a business card holder in the inside of the wrap. The m500 case also has two SD/MMC card slots. You can see a 16Meg SD card inserted into one of them. I found that with a card inserted and the cover closed that it did bump up against the screen. However, it seems to me that there is an easy fix to this. The fix simply involves making sure the SD cards are fully inserted into the holder slots (maybe they should be deeper by design). I also found that with cards inserted the cover tended to bulge. I think having Krusell make the hinge point just a shade wider will alleviate this issue but not too much otherwise you'd have a loose cover.

Overall I found the cases well made and fairly typical for this style of case. The defining feature is obviously the Multidapt system one which I like very much. The Palm can now be hung, mounted, displayed just about anywhere on your person or vehicle with ease and has the versatility of a Swiss Army knife.

These cases may be a little difficult to locate at the moment for US customers. As Krusell HQ is based in Europe it has focused on covering Europe first and the PDA cases can be bought in most European countries (you guys win again). Krusell has active distributors in the U.K, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Turkey. For those of our readers in Asia, Krusell also also managed to set up couple of resellers in Singapore and Hong-Kong.  Try PDAsia ( they carry the cases and a bunch of other great stuff I've never seen before!

In the USA Krusell currently has only one reseller. The shop is called Datanation ( Those of you in the US that may be interested contact Datanation and arrange for a special order.  If you want to be able to buy over the web, and can deal with shipping and VAT, you'll have to go over the pond to the UK to 3E Limited (

Pricing for the cases varies widely by re-seller and Krusell did not provide pricing. Krusell did however provide this list of Suggested Retail Pricing for Multidapt Components. All prices are in USD and do not include VAT if ordered from Europe:

Slide Swivel kit $4.50
Leather Swivel kit, 45mm (black) $6.50
Leather Swivel kit, 45mm (nubuck) $6.50
Big Leather Swivel kit, 65mm (black) $6.50
TwistOn Clip kit $4.00
 Basic Swivel kit $4.00
Big Steel Swivel kit, 80mm $9.00
Steel Swivel kit, 65mm $9.00
Mini Clip $3.00
Spring Clip $4.00
Neck Strap $3.50
Security Strap $5.50
Wrist Strap $2.00
Beltholder for MetalClip Case $2.00
Carholder kit $4.50
Carholder for Clip $4.00
BikeHolder kit $9.00

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Anyone got one ??

david_smith_uk @ 12/1/2001 9:13:32 AM #
I am interested to know if the case adds much to the size of the palm

How HotSync ??

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/7/2001 2:33:36 AM #
How is it possible to HotSync while in case ?

I am owner of a m505 case from krusell, and I can tell that it is absolutely impossible to attach the device while in case to the cradle !!!!!
Even with my USB-HotSync cable from I am not able to do a HotSync while in case !

Anyone have a Krussell case for the Sony Clie PEG T-415?

raye11 @ 8/31/2002 12:27:31 AM #
Just wondering if anyone has one for the Sony Clie. What do you think of it? Can you actually HotSync it while in the case? Thanks for your comments!




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