Palm Releases T|W Bluetooth Card Drivers

Palm has released drivers for the Bluetooth SD card that enables the Tungsten W to use certain Bluetooth devices and services. The previous drivers were not compatible with the Tungsten W.

The new Palm Bluetooth SD card drivers are only for the Tungsten W handheld. They enable the T|W to connect with a number of Bluetooth products including Bluetooth access points and other other Bluetooth handhelds and products.

The software is available now as free download from Palm Support.

Palm Bluetooth SD CardPalm originally released the Bluetooth SD card in June of 2001. The card, jointly developed by Palm and Toshiba, sells for $129 from the Palm Store. Toshiba announced a new smaller version of the card last fall that has yet to go on sale.

Even with the new drives, Palm's Phone Link application software is not compatible with Palm Bluetooth Card software for the Tungsten W. Palm has still not released drivers that are compatible with Palm OS 5 devices, such as the Tungsten C and Zire 71.

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One Step Closer...

funngunn2 @ 8/12/2003 11:41:25 AM #
First Post!

It seems like this driver release is a good thing. Palm is paying attention to their new models, and I forsee that an OS 5 driver is not far away. This is just one step closer...


The Prism is dead, long live the Prism.

Visor Deluxe-->Visor Prism-->Zire 71 [:)]

RE: One Step Closer...
javertiz @ 8/12/2003 11:59:08 AM #
I very much doubt that we'll see an OS5 driver. Palm seems to continue to want to distinguish their high end models by having either BT or Wi-Fi. If you could get the card and a Zire 71 you might end up with something that palm themselves are getting ready to launch. My guess is that a BT card on OS 5 devices interferes with their product strategy.

Now, where the hell is that ScanDisk Wi-fi SDIO card !!!

RE: One Step Closer...
rsc1000 @ 8/12/2003 3:27:06 PM #
>>Now, where the hell is that ScanDisk Wi-fi SDIO card !!!

Its going to be released next week:

Unfortunately - they won't have drivers for Palm OS 4 devices until October and now drivers for OS 5 until November. This is something 6 months after they said it would be ready. Socket has released it wifi sd card already - but they have no plans for a palm os driver. what the hell is wrong with this company? 'we have decided that it would be the best strategy to just ignore 60% of the market' - ummm fine - they deserve the bankruptcy that they make bring on themselves for such stupidity.

personally im peeved about sandisks delays because i am leaving for a 6 week backpacking trip in western europe (im canadian) and i wanted to use this with my T|T to try to catch up with my email and post to a weblog at wifi hotspots along the way. would have been cool - and i left plenty of time for sandisk to get their crap together when i planned this trip months ago. oh well - probably best to enjoy my trip unhindered by gadgets anyway.

RE: One Step Closer...
Davy Fields @ 8/12/2003 4:28:05 PM #
"60% of the market"

Sixty? Try ninety.

-Davy Fields

RE: One Step Closer...
asiayeah @ 8/12/2003 9:19:03 PM #
Since Palm, SanDisk and many other companies are so reluctant to release a Palm OS device drivers, I am wondering is it technically challenging to create a Palm OS network device driver? Otherwise SanDisk should be releasing the drivers together with their product launch.


With great power comes great responsiblity.

Palm needs SDIONow! (or something like it)

robman @ 8/12/2003 12:51:24 PM #
Over in the Microsoft world, a company called BSquare is trying to resolve the issue of compatability with SDIO cards. (See:

A layer of abstraction between the OS API for various functions and the hardware-specfic drivers that support individual devices would enable Palm to avoid this problem entirely.

One solution which I've seen a few times (most notably the long-forgotten Xircom PWE1130 WiFi sled for m-series Palms) is including the driver in the device, so it automatically loads itself into the handheld when the device is installed. I think the Palm keyboards should work like this, and even support firmware upgrades so new drivers can be installed into the keyboards via the Palm.

Blah blah rant rant. When you plug things in, they should just work. Hear that, Palm?

RE: Palm needs SDIONow! (or something like it)
james_sorenson @ 8/12/2003 2:08:20 PM #
Handspring used this philosophy on their Visor series with the Springboard slot. Very convenient, and you didn't have a bunch of drivers cluttering things when you removed the device. The big problem was that either the drivers could not be updated (to support newer devices), or you had to use expensive flash RAM so that the drivers could be updated on the card. It's that whole cost versus convenience thing. The other problem is that the SD card is so dang TINY compared to the bulky Springboards that I don't know how feasible it would be to add another RAM chip to some of these devices.

Having said that: you are totally right. Yes, it would mean slightly more costly devices and probably require an updated PalmOS, but the computer industry has always pushed for Plug&Play.

They are acquiring HandSpring. I wonder if any of the SpringBoard concepts will get adopted? I just pray they don't adopt the policy of using legacy devices and connectors. The Visor series might still be alive if they opted for a CF slot instead.

James Sorenson

RE: Palm needs SDIONow! (or something like it)
abosco @ 8/12/2003 2:45:19 PM #
>>The Visor series might still be alive if they opted
>>for a CF slot instead.

Not only alive, but winning. The closest thing we have to CF is the NX series, which can't use CF in audio, video, or anything else besides storing apps and databases, much less IO cards beyond the Sony Wifi cards. HandEra had the right idea, and they had it three years ago.

It's not like these Palms are so thin that they can't have a CF slot. Take a look at the T|C. Is there a reason for only having one slot that can't even take Bluetooth beyond sheer profit margin? Palm still has yet to impress me with what they can do. The Z71 came close, but I think they skimped out on a few things there, too. Hopefully these new models will put a stop to that.


RE: Palm needs SDIONow! (or something like it)
Strider_mt2k @ 8/12/2003 3:06:23 PM #
"Hopefully these new models will put a stop to that."

Ghod, if we only had a nickel for every time THAT was said about Palm!

RE: Palm needs SDIONow! (or something like it)
atrizzah @ 8/13/2003 3:15:12 PM #
I'm still waiting for Handera to resurrect themselves and take over the world like they were poised to do when they released the 330. A color screen, and that device would have taken over the market. What's stopping them or someone else from throwing together another killer power device in the spirit of the 330? Honestly, why didn't they just finish the job?

Peace Out

Bottom line is not many want networking on a card

RhinoSteve @ 8/12/2003 3:50:26 PM #
While the power users bitch and moan not getting their drivers, most comsumers only want memory storage in their SD slot.

You have the T-T with embedded Bluetooth and a slick "switchblade" packaging.

There is the T-W so you can cell phone away.

And there is the T-C to flip off all the WiFi iPaq users with something that is more slick and useable.

That hits 70% of the market. Most uses have enough problems with one RF connection let alone managing two on a single handheld. So here we have the moaners and groaners that what everything and can't pay the big bugs to get it.

If you can affort an airline ticket to Europe, you can definately afford a used T-C to hit WiFi spots in eurotrash coffee shops. And to top it off, you'll have a spare Palm device.

I'm sure the multiple RF transport Palms will be out in time when the majority of the market has demand instead of a bunch of belly-aching, Internet-posting, end users.
RE: Bottom line is not many want networking on a card
mikecane @ 8/12/2003 5:00:37 PM #
>>>a bunch of belly-aching, Internet-posting, end users

Oh, like you, you mean?

RE: Bottom line is not many want networking on a card
ozz @ 8/12/2003 11:53:57 PM #
<<...and can't pay the big bugs to get it.>>

Yup, you're right. I once tried paying with big bugs to get it, but the little buggers freaked 'em out and it didn't work! :-D

RE: Bottom line is not many want networking on a card
mikecane @ 8/13/2003 7:24:44 AM #
Ha! Thanks for that great laugh.

Big bugs... isn't that part of Pocket PC?

RE: Bottom line is not many want networking on a card
vincenzosi @ 8/13/2003 8:07:30 AM #
"T-C to hit WiFi spots in eurotrash coffee shops"

Depends on who runs the hotspot. From T-Mobile's website:

"8. Can I connect using a Palm handheld device?
No, Palm devices use a proprietary web browser which is not compatible with the T-Mobile HotSpot network."

I'm guessing they mean the proxy-based Web Pro, in which case the T|C is nice, but, well, you get the idea...

RE: Bottom line is not many want networking on a card
atrizzah @ 8/13/2003 3:18:29 PM #
Just because they're already hitting 70% of the market doesn't mean that they shouldn't aim to clean up the rest. I know I would pay damn good money if they did realease the killer unit. I almost bit when HandEra made the 330, almost again when Palm made the Tungsten C. I'm telling you, they could make a killing off people like me who are waiting for the killer device. We will pay good money for it.

Peace Out

Headset profile?

palmdoc88 @ 8/12/2003 7:09:03 PM #
I wonder if the "other Bluetooth devices" include Bluetooth headsets? If Palm had the foresight, this would make the T-W really useful as a pda-phone.

RE: Headset profile?
Marshall Flinkman @ 8/12/2003 10:36:02 PM #
Yes and no--you'd still have the BT card sticking out on the side, where it could break off. Or else you'd end up sticking the card in whenever you got a call--which, to me, at least, would be almost as bad as having to plug in a wired headset.

RE: Headset profile?
suren @ 9/29/2003 11:53:35 PM #
I just bought a palm bluetooth card and a jabra headset for my W.
Alas while the W picks up and pairs the Jabra with no issues, the headset doesnt pick up or work with the phone on the W. Can this be or am I making some kind of mistake?



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