New Bluetooth Power Management Utility

Blue Fang is a new freeware utility that has been created to simplify the control of your handheld's Bluetooth radio. It provide simple and easy control over the Bluetooth radio.

Blue Fang shows you the current status of the Bluetooth radio in the command bar, and allows you to switch it on or off by tapping on the status button. This is most useful on handhelds like the Tungsten T and T2, where there is no reminder that Bluetooth is on, and no convenient way to turn it off.

Blue Fang has been tested on the Tungsten T and T2, and should work on other Palm OS 5 handhelds that use Palm's Bluetooth stack. It can be downloaded from PalmGear or the author's home page.

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Reminds me of Hacks

HiWire @ 7/16/2004 6:48:18 PM #
Good to see there's still some ingenuity for developing new software out there. I'd be more excited if I actually had Bluetooth, but anything that gives users more control is okay by me.

Palm m505 User
Look also at BtToggle
ankers @ 7/17/2004 2:59:44 AM #
If you need something like this - and if you want Bluetooth & a decent battery life you will - I recommend you also look at BtToggle. The latest version senses if an app needs Bt and switches it on and then off automatically.


a Brit in Clogland

RE: Reminds me of Hacks
Targaid @ 7/18/2004 5:21:43 PM #
Sounds useful. Where can we find it?

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RE: Reminds me of Hacks
Pathdoc @ 7/18/2004 10:46:10 PM #
Tarqaid, if you are asking where to get BlueTooth Toggle, go to I would recommend Bluetooth Toggle Pro.

For Bluetooth-Enabled PDAs only strictly

vesther @ 7/17/2004 12:26:59 PM #
This one should work with the following:

* Zire 72
* Tungsten T Series
* Sony's Early OS 5 Clies (i.e. NZ90)
* Sony UX50
* Tapwave Zodiac

Not sure about whether you can use this with a Bluetooth SDIO, though, but IMO this was meant to be for Palm-Powered PDAs with Built-In Bluetooth.

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GeauxVols @ 7/21/2004 12:33:01 PM #
After I installed this utility, when I sync my handheld, I get an error in the file Preferences.c. Has anyone else had this occur?


Update to v1.1

benmichell @ 7/22/2004 7:23:48 AM #
Version 1.0 of Blue Fang contained a bug that prevented it from properly turning off the Bluetooth radio. Anyone who is using Blue Fang should update to version 1.1, which is available from PalmGear or my home page:

Apologies for any inconvenience!



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