Pixi to Skip Out on Flash, webOS Developer Day in Nov

While the entry-level Palm Pixi is still going to receive the WebOS 2.0 update, it will lag behind the Pre in one aspect, according to Rod Whitby's recent Tweet. Rod, of WebOS Internals fame, has revealed that the Pixi and Plus Plus will not offer Adobe Flash 10.1 beta player, as this feature remains reserved for its more powerful Pre/Pre Plus/Pre 2 siblings.

In a related bit of Rod Whitby news, WebOS Roundup recently reported that Rod Whitby recently reported he could not justify the expense of flying to New York City from Australia to attend Palm's WebOS Developer Day in November. HP/Palm responded in turn by not only paying for Rod to attend Developer Day but also to speak at the audience there about his WebOS Internals efforts. Kudos to HP/Palm for truly embracing "openness" and recognizing an individual that has worked tirelessly to promote and enhance WebOS and its related Palm devices though community and homebrew projects.

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Just what we expected

Tuckermaclain @ 10/22/2010 8:38:57 PM # Q
We all have learned that Palm pretty much abandons a product the moment it released.You want 16MB that we should have used and a screen bright enough to see? Buy the 515.
RE: Just what we expected
LiveFaith @ 10/22/2010 11:04:11 PM # Q
Yeah. And it took them a long time to get the old m505 to market. I owned one for quiet a while till I got a T3. The 505 was a solid slab tho. I'll give the old Palm that.

Pat Horne

RE: Just what we expected
jca666us @ 10/24/2010 1:48:00 AM # Q
a solid slab w/ great battery life - BECAUSE THE SCREEN WAS GRAY!!!!

Palm knocked the brightness down so much the display on the 505 was garbage...the 515 was better, but not by much.

Too bad Palm never challenged themselves to produce non-beta hardware for the market.

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