Good Tech Updates Goodlink Enterprise Suite

Good Technology has announced the next version of its GoodLink software and service. GoodLink 3.0 aims to extends enterprise data and applications to smartphones and connected PDAs. GoodLink 3.0 supports multiple devices, carriers and operating systems, all from a single server.

Goodlink Treo Palm OS"GoodLink 3.0 is good for business and great for the end user," said Sue Forbes, Good's vice president of marketing and product management. "GoodLink enables enterprises to harness the power of the 2.5G networks, the newest devices and the massive developer communities around Windows Mobile and PalmOS. This enables their workforces to experience laptop power on Good-enabled handhelds."

GoodLink 3.0 offers powerful new capabilities that enable IT managers to manage broad deployments by providing advanced fleet management and administration capabilities, enterprise-class security, and, soon, over-the-air provisioning and upgrading. It also provides the ability to view and edit rich attachments, work with popular applications and utilize true multi-tasking within a familiar, laptop-like visual interface.

About GoodLink
GoodLink, which is part of the Good System, is a standards-based wireless messaging and corporate data access system that provides mobile field forces with a two-way wirelessly synchronized connection to Microsoft Exchange Server (enterprise email, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks) and other critical applications like CRM, ERP and SCM. GoodLink's robust architecture is FIPS certified and incorporates AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) end-to-end encryption of all email, data and attachments in Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, HTML, PDF and RTF file formats. GoodLink includes synchronizing server software, security and application software for managing multiple networks and a variety of devices including the Good™ G100, and the Treo 600.

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