HealthRamp Deploys Wireless Handheld Prescriptions

HealthRamp and palmOne today announced that HealthRamp purchased more than 200 Wi-Fi enabled Tungsten C handhelds for deployment to doctors to enable the company's electronic prescribing initiatives with CarePoint.

HealthRamp plans to increase the number of Tungsten C handhelds and Treo 600 smartphones tenfold as it continues an aggressive electronic prescribing campaign that began late in 2003, aimed at more than 35,000 physicians, more than 2,000 of whom are targeted for 2004 deployment. In June, HealthRamp and palmOne will co-sponsor a webinar focused on electronic prescribing and the increased quality of care and cost savings it can bring to physicians.

HealthRamp develops and markets the CarePoint suite of technologies, which enables electronic prescribing, lab orders and results, Internet-based communication, data integration, and transaction processing over a handheld device or browser at the point of care. palmOne works with partners, such as HealthRamp, to develop practical healthcare solutions that help deliver critical data to healthcare professionals at the point-of-care.

According to the eHealth Initiative's Electronic Prescribing Project, studies have shown that the U.S. healthcare system would save up to $29 billion by mandating the use of electronic prescribing solutions. With more than 3 billion prescriptions written annually using traditional paper-based methods, electronic prescribing could not only improve patient safety but could ultimately lead to better quality of care.

"palmOne believes that electronic prescribing is a very important initiative, and we're committed to working with partners to speed up adoption by physicians," said Mike Lorion, vice president of vertical markets for palmOne.

A recent survey of CarePoint users and other doctors, conducted by HealthRamp, found that close to 70 percent of those surveyed find that electronic prescribing on a handheld device saves time and money, reduces paperwork, and reduces follow-up phone calls from patients and pharmacies.

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Anybody using this suite or other PalmOS Rx/CPRS solution?

devildoc @ 5/21/2004 2:37:25 PM #
I would be interested in a review from a user of this or another Rx program. Personally, I find the PalmOS screen to be far too small to do any practical charting/pt management and long for the days of the Newton OMP & 110. So far all of the "solutions" that I have seen have been more tech for tech's sake, less about making my job easier.

With this solution, I still have to write the Rx in the chart so it doesn't save me a step. What I would like is a handheld system that lets me do the H&P, record it, write the tests[ lab, x-ray, sono...], write the Rx, write the RTC timeframe and send the patient on their way to schedule the next appt, lab and pharmacy where the techs already know the patient is coming have what needs to be done. I've seen and used the VA's VISTA system and this is great except that it requires Linux [server] and Windows [client] and isn't handheld.

Anyway, I'd like an independent review of this or any other electronic prescribing system.



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