Mobile Mail for GroupWise for the Treo 600

Consilient Technologies today launched Consilient Mobile Mail software for Novell GroupWise on the palmOne Treo 600. Consilient Mobile Mail is a scaleable product that supports multiple networks and email platforms, delivering wireless push email for any IMAP4 server.

Consilient Mobile Mail offers GroupWise users complete wireless email functionality on the award-winning Treo 600 smartphone. Consilient Mobile Mail extends the wireless functionality and features of Treo to the GroupWise email platform, including wireless email, wireless reconciliation, attachment support, and desktop contacts and tasks. Two versions of Consilient Mobile Mail are available, Enterprise Edition and Subscriber (hosted) Edition. Both versions have the same functionality, with over the air activation for the Subscriber edition.

"The Palm OS has thousands of applications that government agencies, law firms and other enterprises using GroupWise, want to be able to access on the popular Treo. With Consilient Mobile Mail, GroupWise users can now tap into the powerful Palm OS platform and benefit from wireless email along with all the other corporate data they require when away from the office," said Consilient president Trevor Adey. "The Consilient Mobile Mail solution brings Treo to GroupWise within an hour of installation - securely and reliably."

Consilient Mobile Mail - Enterprise Edition integrates into an organization's existing network, behind the firewall, delivering real time push notification of email on Treo. The Enterprise Edition can be installed quickly and easily and is designed for an IT-managed environment for up to thousands of mobile users per server. Companies have complete control of email delivery options, user management and filter settings. For organizations or individuals preferring a hosted offering, Consilient Mobile Mail - Subscriber Edition, enables the same wireless capabilities, but without any software installation required in-house.

Features of Consilient Mobile Mail include:
Enterprise and Subscriber versions - Multi-network support - Works with any IMAP4 server - Easy to install and configure, scaleable - Wireless email delivery and reconciliation, Read/Delivery receipts - Attachment support - Desktop synchronization of tasks/calendar - Web-based administration

Consilient Mobile Mail uses Triple DES encryption for distributed servers and 128-bit encryption between server and handheld. Consilient Mobile Mail for Treo includes attachment support for devices with document viewers installed. The Treo 600 includes viewers for Microsoft Word and Excel, ASCII text, JPEG, vCard and vCal. Third-party viewers are available for viewing additional file types.

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