Verizon Moves to Open Up Its Wireless Network

Verizon Wireless announced plans today that it will provide customers the option to use, wireless devices, software and applications not offered by the company on its wireless network. This move will essentially allow new products, niche devices and applications to run on its network that Verizon wouldn't normally offer. Verizon plans to have these new options available to customers throughout the country by the end of 2008.

In early 2008, the company will publish the technical standards the development community will need to design products to interface with the Verizon Wireless network. Any device that meets the minimum technical standard will be activated on the network. Devices will be tested and approved in a $20 million state-of-the-art testing lab which received an additional investment this year to gear up for the anticipated new demand. Any application the customer chooses will be allowed on these devices.

“This is a transformation point in the 20-year history of mass market wireless devices – one which we believe will set the table for the next level of innovation and growth,” said Lowell McAdam, Verizon Wireless president and chief executive officer. “Verizon Wireless is not changing our successful retail model, but rather adding an additional retail option for customers looking for a different wireless experience.”

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A perfect opportunity for Palm!?!

hkklife @ 11/27/2007 2:34:37 PM # Q
Palm should take this move to heart and immediately try to graft an EVDO radio into a TX-style, DATA-CENTRIC device. Look at how everyone is jumping for joy over the Amazon Kindle. We want something similar in pocket-sized form running some version of POS!

Such a device would let Palm stay on good terms with Verizon/other carriers and also give something to the legions of users clamoring for something with a larger screen than a Treo.

Heck, Palm could even release one version with phone functionality built-in (ala iPhone) and another sold at retail that was more of a PDA/PMP that could be activated with Verizon etc. Or one version with the cellular radio and another version as a simple TX2.

Either way, Palm MUST diversify the lineup past their pitiful handful of small square-screened Centro/Treo clones. Since the Fooleo is DOA, something like this is Palm's only hope to wring another year or two out of a Garnet-based device and bring in a few $ while they try to finish up Plinux.

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RE: A perfect opportunity for Palm!?!
DarthRepublican @ 11/27/2007 9:36:10 PM # Q
If anything the cancellation of the Foleo means that Palm is going to be even more conservative and continue to focus on Treos until their new OS is ready to go -- which is exactly what they have been saying since they canceled the Foleo in the first place. If they had released the Foleo, I could see Palm putting out devices with different formfactors (i.e. no keyboard/big screen phones and tiny flip phones) while positioning the Foleo as the perfect add-on for these alternative formfactor phones. Of course for the strategy to work, Palm would have had to price the Foleo at about half the price they were planning on charging.

RE: A perfect opportunity for Palm!?!
rpa @ 11/27/2007 11:04:25 PM # Q
I don't see the major benefit here in opening up a CDMA network to other devices. The global market (and the US market for open access) is GSM. All GSM all the time. CDMA is non-existent for all practical purposes internationally except Japan and Korea and their CDMA is not the same as the US flavor. If Palm really wanted to "jump on" an opportunity for multiple devices, they could have done so long ago with a GSM platform. Even Apple sees the future as GSM.

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RE: A perfect opportunity for Palm!?!
RussianGuy @ 11/28/2007 4:59:22 AM # Q
Palm was always saying one of its main competitive advantages is its carrier relationships. Now, if anyone can put their devices on the network, this is gone. Good for i-Mate, bad for Palm...

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