Good Ships Mobile Defense Handheld Security Tool

Good Technology has announced availability of its first handheld security offering. Good Mobile Defense brings enterprise class security to all aspects of the handheld including third party applications, external storage cards, and handheld features such as WiFi and Bluetooth. With Good Mobile Defense, the level of enterprise security previously only available for GoodLink and GoodAccess is now available to protect the entire handheld.

Good Mobile Defense will provide complete device protection across a variety of handheld platforms, including Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Palm OS, and Symbian. The solution includes a desktop policy manager and client software, and provides:

  • Advanced Password Management, including protective action after excessive failed password attempts, protection for standard and third party passwords, and the enablement of temporary administrative passwords.
  • Application Lockdown, including the ability to set and manage approved application "white lists" and application launch approval.
  • Handheld Feature Control, including the ability to disable data transfer ports such as Bluetooth, Wifi or HotSync, and the ability to lock down handheld features such as cameras, microphones and speakers.
  • Advanced Encryption Management, providing options to control the encryption of native handheld memory, storage cards, and specific applications using AES 256.
  • Data Erase after excessive failed password and authentication attempts, as well as remote wipe of all handheld applications, including external media storage cards.

When using Good Mobile Defense in conjunction with GoodLink's Secure Over The Air (Secure OTA) technology, IT can set and enforce mobile security policies wirelessly; because IT never has to touch the device, Good Mobile Defense delivers low handheld computing TCO. In addition, IT can use Good Mobile Defense in conjunction with GoodLink Compliance Manager to ensure that prerequisite applications such as McAfee's Mobile VirusScan are present on handhelds before corporate data is transmitted.

"Good Mobile Defense gives me peace of mind knowing that the data my mobile workers carry on their handhelds is protected right down to the SD Card," said Claude Fossati, worldwide voice telecom manager, Thomson, Inc. "The fact that I can manage security policies centrally and push updates over-the-air makes the system complete."

Good Mobile Defense is available immediately as a standalone product and as an extension to GoodLink and GoodAccess for Palm OS handhelds.

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