Ariba Mobilizes with the Treo

Palm today announced that employees at Ariba Inc, a leading spend management solutions provider, have adopted Palm Treo smartphones to service global customers around the clock. Powered by Good Technology's GoodLink software and service, Treo smartphones go beyond providing secure wireless email, with access to business-critical applications.

Many of Ariba's employees currently use Treo smartphones, including the majority of the company's sales force and services group. Ariba executives and members of the mobile sales force, IT team and services group can make and take calls, read and send email, update Excel spreadsheets, edit Word documents or review PowerPoint presentations, whether they are at the airport or in a taxi between meetings.

"It's contagious," said Brent Putzel, senior manager of Global IT Operations for Ariba. "At Ariba, we are committed to innovation in both the technology that we develop and the technology that we use to help our customers achieve their spend management goals. The Treo smartphone provides a fast and easy way to stay in contact with customers and colleagues and maintain the levels of excellence in service and support that our customers have come to expect. As the number of our employees purchasing a Treo smartphone grew, we knew we needed to support it."

Treo smartphones can be quickly and cost-effectively connected to Ariba's network and easily maintained on an ongoing basis. Employees can be up and running in 10 to 15 minutes; and if an employee leaves the company, or if the device is lost or stolen, the IT group can disable the device and remotely wipe it clean in minutes using Good Technology's Secure Over-The-Air (Secure OTA) feature.

Other benefits of the Treo smartphone running GoodLink include fast access to customers and colleagues worldwide, freedom from cumbersome laptops, affordability, the ability to work more efficiently while away from the office, the security of knowing that almost everything users need is with them, and ease of use.

"All-in-one devices, such as Treo smartphones, are finally freeing professionals from their offices, letting them travel without laptops while also giving them everything they need to provide top-notch customer service," said Tara Griffin, vice president, enterprise markets, for Palm, Inc. "Executives, sales teams and IT professionals who need to respond quickly to changing circumstances no longer have to wait until they get back to the office. Companies like Ariba illustrate that the promise of a highly mobile work force is now a reality."

Today, the Treo and GoodLink solution has been deployed in more than 8,000 organizations around the world. More leading companies such as Ariba are taking advantage of Palm's expanding product portfolio and business solutions to better serve mobile professionals. Palm's flexible, standards-based approach and customer-centric model represent its commitment to serving the growing mobile needs of small, large and global businesses.

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What do they do?

legodude522 @ 2/27/2006 1:36:28 PM # Q

Money management.

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RE: What do they do?
Simony @ 2/27/2006 6:57:34 PM # Q
No, not money management.

They are 'procurement' consultants. Essentially, they co-ordinate the purchasing of products and services for corporates, with the aim of driving down costs. They run tenders, handle negotiations for pricing, etc.

I have never dealt with Ariba, but I know one of their competitors. The other consulting firm has modus operandi which makes used car salesmen look like paragons of virtue by comparison.

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