Palm to Showcase the Treo to Government

Palm will be showcasing Treo smartphones and Palm wireless handhelds, as well as a range of other tools that meet the federal government's need for platform choice and enterprise-strength mobile solutions, at the Federal Office Systems Expo (FOSE) next week.

With a focus on security, communications, data access and continuity of operations, Palm's solution partners are showing a range of tools, including the following:

-- enterprisewide wireless email;
-- security-management software for real-time communication across the chain of command;
-- communication tools for emergency responders;
-- a smart card reader that opens opportunities for developers of health, security, identity and permission-based applications; and
-- secure wireless tools, such as printers, credit card readers, barcode scanners and other innovative data-capture devices that turn Palm Treo smartphones and Palm handhelds into mobile solutions for government IT and mobile professionals.

When: March 7-9, 2006

Federal Office Systems Expo (FOSE)
Washington Convention Center
Palm Booth (No. 2001)
Verizon Booth (No. 731)
Microsoft Partner Pavilion (Booth No. 2101)

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twizza @ 3/2/2006 11:04:33 AM # Q
And now I want to go since there will be something a bit more interesting than the usual run thrus to be seen. This is going to be good for Palm, lots of folks are considering Treos, especialyl the 700w one.
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Tuckermaclain @ 3/2/2006 1:24:06 PM # Q
Sounds wonderful, but by the time they make it through the pipeline I'll either be retired or I'll get a Treo 700w just as the Treo 2800p with XM radio and GPS is released. Currently, a Palm IIIc is what they offer me (seriously!)
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Sure why not? If it's good enough for a fictional show...

ackmondual @ 3/3/2006 6:21:47 PM # Q
used by Jack Bauer, some Counter Terrorism Unit guy on [i]24[/i], it stands to reason it'll be good enough for 'our' government as well.

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