ACT! 2006 for Palm OS Released

Sage Software announced today the new ACT! for Palm OS 2006 product for use as a mobile productivity tool with ACT! by Sage contact and customer management solutions. ACT! for Palm OS operates as a native application on an individual's Palm OS handheld device to enable access, adding and updating of pre-defined and custom data fields, notes and history, activities, calendar information and sales opportunities.

ACT! for Palm OS delivers key capabilities to the handheld device that many ACT! desktop users rely on to easily access customer information and improve their productivity including a linked calendar and task list, the ability to go directly to a contact record from a scheduled appointment, and the ability to view every customer interaction from the contact record.

Additionally, ACT! for Palm OS allows individuals and mobile sales professionals to:

  • Synchronize complete ACT! information with Palm OS handhelds and map more than 50 pre-defined ACT! fields and up to 15 custom fields to the device;
  • Use sales management features to enter new opportunities on the device;
  • Use the Opportunity List View to read and filter current opportunities on the device, as well as select and add products from existing product lists to an opportunity;
  • View Group and Company membership information on the device whether contacts were manually added or dynamically added based on defined criteria;
  • Schedule activities from the device using custom activity types pre- defined in the ACT! desktop product;
  • Track time spent on business activities including calls, meetings and to-dos;
  • Save time entering data on the device by adding multiple contacts to a note or history from the desktop or from the device;
  • Add, update and delete secondary contacts from the device to associate related contacts with a main contact.
  • Users can also set up a snapshot view of their ten most regularly accessed data fields and view their most critical information by color code prioritization.

"ACT! for Palm OS was designed with on-the-go sales professionals in mind," explained Larry Ritter, vice president of ACT! product management for Sage Software. "For sales professionals, having valuable customer details always at hand, whether in the office or while traveling, is a business necessity. Enabling comprehensive ACT! functionality for the versatile Palm OS handheld device provides a valuable mobility option for those who rely on quick data access to drive their business relationships."

ACT! for Palm OS is available for $99.99 (upgrade $69.95) by phoning (866) 333-0990 for individual users, (866) 421-7752 for five or more users or by locating an ACT! Certified Consultant. ACT! 2006 is available for $229.99 (upgrade $149.95) and ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2006 is available for $399.99 (upgrade $259.95).

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When great new software keeps getting released on Palm OS...

Dr Opinion @ 3/13/2006 12:38:56 PM # Q
... and I think back to how the shills kept whining on that the Palm economy was dead, well, it just makes me chuckle.


"People who like M$ products tend to be insecure crowd-following newbies lacking in experience and imagination."

RE: When great new software keeps getting released on Palm OS...
Simony @ 3/13/2006 6:34:47 PM # Q
Does anyone know if there is a demo for download (ie, without giving your name, email, shoesize, etc)?

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Palm retail update

hkklife @ 3/13/2006 1:58:37 PM # Q
I had to make a CompUSA run today at lunchtime. The PDA display had been rearranged. There were only three Palm models on display (TX, Z22, E2). The E2 was either $150 or $200 (not sure if that was an old T|E pricetag on it) and the LD was $450. I did notice a lot of the carryover accessories (T5/TX/LD cradle kit, travel chargers, styli) in the new bold orange Palm packaging so I guess that's a good sign that SOMETHING is still going on over at Palm.

This past weekend at OD salesguy said that the E2 & LD were EOL and once the existing stocks were sold that was it.
There were also none of the usual Palm lineup brochures for the taking.

If there's anything at all PDA releated for this spring, I'd expect an announcement within the next 4-5 weeks tops with retail availability sometime in early May.

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RE: Palm retail update
Ryan @ 3/13/2006 2:27:51 PM # Q
I was in Fry's this weekend and the PDA section was a mess! They were having a sale but half the shelves for sw & accessories were bare and it looked like they were consolidating to fewer handhelds on display.
RE: Palm retail update
hkklife @ 3/13/2006 4:02:36 PM # Q
That's basically how it is everywhere I've been lately (I don't hit the retail shops THAT often but when I do I always pay attention to the PDA counter)

OD had the most handhelds on display-they had all five of the "current" Palm models + a good selection of iPaqs. CUSA had what I mentioned above in addition to three HPs and a Nokia 770. It looked like 1/2 of the PDA section had been removed to permit a GPS unit display.

The Handmark etc. prepackaged software was in total disarray and the cases/styli/chargers were all mixed up between Pam PDA stuff, Palm Treo stuff, and HP and the generic accessory companies.

I guess midyear '06 will be the real beginning of the end of the PDA retail market.

Oh, another sign of "impending doom": the new PC Magazine I got the other day had a roundup of tools for the mobile road warrior. They had the TX in a nice big picture & caption and said it's quite possibly the final POS handheld. They encouraged fans of POS over WinMob to get 'em while they are available (paraphrasing). The caption also commented how it's the lowest priced handheld with wi-fi standard-they didnt even mention its BT capabilities!

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RE: Palm retail update
Dr Opinion @ 3/13/2006 7:39:04 PM # Q
I work with a lot of senior professionals in a range of industries, all of whom have critical needs to be organized and connected -- but very few of these people care for a PDA!

People get their PDA functions from their phones and, believe it or not, their laptops. Any windoze laptop can come out of sleep in a minute or so if you need to check Outlook, and Apples are much faster than that. Any half-decent Nokia (not even a smartphone) can sync with Outlook, check email, and even surf the web, so who needs a PDA? It's highly redundant technology.

Yeah, PDAs can do all this other marginal stuff, like surfing on a larger screen, or checking email and opening the attachments, or playing games, running productivity apps. But these things add value only on the margin. Most people don't drop hundreds of dollars and then carry around an extra gizmo just for the little bit of value on the margin.

Thankfully Palm saw this coming years away, and are now dominating on the new PDA battleground: smartphone. Professionals really see the value in a "better phone with PDA capabilities". The Palm OS user interface is much more logical and elegant than either symbian or wince on smartphone, and this certainly helps keep us at the front of the pack. :)

The PDA is dead! Long live the Treo. :)

Of course, this isn't really true. The new Palm PDAs will be convergent Palm minitablets that run Linux, like the Nokia. They'll be fast and elegant, they'll run ALP, provide PalmOS compatability, and Max will provide the powerful zen-of-palm that we know and love. I don't see Palm releasing many more Palm OS devices: their R&D is running full steam to get a reference platform going that can run linux variants, such as ALP.

There'll be competition: as we saw recently, microsoft has killed wince, and is trying belatedly to get into the minitablet game with vista-on-a-brick. But their brick is too clunky to put in a pocket, more expensive than a desktop PC, slower and weaker than a laptop, and certainly wouldn't survive a drop onto a hard floor. It will be exceedingly hard for microsoft to make a bloated OS like vista competitive with mobilelinux on comparable hardware. :)

Let battle begin. I can hardly wait! :)

"People who like M$ products tend to be insecure crowd-following newbies lacking in experience and imagination."

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